Smaller breast implants are the trend for 2016

Smaller breast implants are the trend for 2016

11th Jun 2017

There are women who aspire to have breasts like Pamela Anderson’s or other notable big-busted celebrities and silicone breast implants are as close as they can get to realizing that dream. The implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes but for a dramatic increase in bust size, women usually go for round silicone implants with a considerable volume.

On the other hand, there are also women looking for a moderate improvement in the size of their breasts. In most cases, these women may have experienced mild sagging of the breasts due to multiple pregnancies and weight fluctuations but they may have also been driven by a desire to enhance their breasts without being too obvious. For example, a career woman wants to improve the size and shape of her breasts without having it affect her daily routine. As such, she opts for modestly-sized breast implants that would not cause issues with keeping her shirt buttoned up during a meeting. More and more patients request a breast augmentation procedure with small breast implants. Some of those patients end up resorting to surgery after trying other options and failing to get their desired outcome.

Smaller breast implants are certainly the trend for 2016 and they are also the only efficient method to achieve a moderate breast augmentation.

Why are small breast implants the best method to get a moderate increase in the size of the breasts?

1. Naturist treatment to augment the breast size

If you look up “natural breast augmentation treatments” you will be flooded with countless suggestions. How many times have you heard that garlic, dill, wheat, basil flowers, Anson seeds, onion, and olive oil (and the list goes on) are the key to attaining a bigger bust? Other websites and articles allege that breast augmentation massages or cold-hot showers can also increase the dimensions of your bust overnight? As mentioned before, eating quality and healthy food is beneficial for you, as well as having massages and alternating hot and cold water during showers. And yet how many people have actually managed to augment their breasts using these procedures?

There have been patients saying that they understood how impossible it was to obtain huge breasts by eating dill seeds but they tried it nonetheless and they would have been pleased with only a moderate increase in the size of the breasts. Although they didn’t believe in the effectiveness of those methods, there was no harm in trying and if there truly was some truth to it then even minor improvements would have sufficed. However, the reality is that they didn’t experience any changes at all and as such, they wound up at the plastic surgery clinic for a breast augmentation with small breast implants instead.

Other sites suggest gaining weight or getting pregnant to have breasts with a better aspect, but going through massive body transformations that can substantially affect your well being just to get a minor, if any, enhancement of the breasts is not recommended.

2. Creams and pills for breast augmentation

Another tempting alternative to surgery is the use of medications such as pills and creams for breast augmentation. A single glance at the websites selling counterfeit medicines can tell you all there is to know about their products. The clumsily written information about their pills and body creams may have come from translated package inserts of legitimate products and from this fact alone, you will have already noticed their lack of credibility. There is no point in subjecting your liver or your skin to experiments with unknown consequences.

3. Plastic surgery for breast augmentation

And now we are left with the final but most effective method for breast augmentation: plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery interventions such as breast implants surgery or fat transfer to the breasts are efficient techniques that will provide you with fast and effective results. And upon the selection of an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, the risks involved in the breast implant surgery notably decrease.

If you are aiming for a more striking and more prominent bust, then your best choice is plastic surgery as it will undoubtedly impart a more noticeable difference in the appearance of your breasts. It will certainly cost more than the bogus treatments that you can find online, but you can be assured that you are making the wiser choice if you follow through with your decision to undergo surgery.

Why should women choose smaller breast implants?

In this day and age, the mammary implants have become a highly sought-after means of breast augmentation for women who want a bigger bust. But bigger is not always better, and a woman’s ideal image may not always be suitable for her anatomy. And so we arrive at the question: why should women choose small breast implants?

Now we will explore some of the reasons why the smaller breast implants have become a major trend this year:

Smaller implants, healthier spine

Regardless of the shape of the implants you choose, whether they be round or anatomically-shaped, it is important to consider your height and weight when ultimately deciding the size of the implants. In many cases it is better to choose smaller silicone implants as they won’t put a lot of pressure on your posture when you walk or stand and your spine will remain as it was and healthy. Several women who have chosen large implants are now confronted with these issues; they contemplate removing the heavy implants and replacing them with smaller ones and there are plenty of celebrities who have done just that.

An unchanged sports life

Moreover, if you are an active person who plays sports either as a hobby or by profession, smaller breast implants allow you to practice without much discomfort.

Smaller breast implants for a firm, but discrete bust

Smaller implants can make the plastic surgery intervention hard to detect. If you are a very discreet person, and you want to keep the breast augmentation surgery undisclosed, there is nothing more suitable for your case than small breast implants. Your cleavage will look firm and appealing, but it won’t be eye-catching because the size of the implants may not be completely suitable for your anatomy. There are also cases when breast implants that are too big become visible on the sides and on the lower part of the breasts, which is quite unappealing.

Depending on the dimensions of the thorax, different sizes of breast implants may or may not be suitable for your silhouette. The plastic surgeons recommend, especially for petite patients, choosing smaller breast implants that will complement the symmetry and proportions of the body. In addition, smaller silicone implants will exert a weaker pressure on the breasts. Breast sagging is also delayed when using smaller breast implants.

Here are a few tips on what to do before scheduling a breast augmentation with breast implants:

1. Stop smoking

To be able to get perfect, moderately-sized breasts after the plastic surgery intervention, it is essential to stop smoking for at least two weeks before and after the surgery. Bad scarring can occur as a result of smoking before and after surgery as the oxygen level in the blood is very low for smokers.

2. Talk to your surgeon openly

Maybe small breast implants have not been what you thought you needed to achieve your goal but if the surgeon recommended this, give your doctor an opportunity to explain why this would be the best alternative for your case. Also, make sure to let your surgeon know how you feel about the procedure and what results you are hoping for. It is essential to set the right expectations for the surgery for you to get satisfactory results.

3. Understand and accept the risks of breast augmentation surgery

The breast augmentation with large implants poses more risks than conducting the same procedure using smaller implants. These risks pertain to complications that are usually related to the size of the breast implants such as the rippling of the breast implants or the visibility and palpability of the implants through the skin. However, the rest of the complications that are commonly associated with the breast augmentation procedure can occur after the intervention, irrespective of the size of the implant used. Some of these hazards include: infections, seroma and hematoma, excessive bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia and so on.

Conversely, bad scarring, delayed wound healing or wound dehiscence can also occur when using smaller implants, although these complications are more frequent in cases of bigger implants.


Without a doubt, smaller breast implants are certainly the trend for this year. More and more patients are looking for a moderate enhancement of the breasts and they can easily achieve this by using small-sized implants. The implants should be chosen in accordance with the figure and proportions of the patient, the dimension of the thorax, and the patient’s height and weight.

Using small silicone implants, the patient can get an impressive bust with only a moderate augmentation. Through the use of smaller implants, the plastic surgeon can also correct asymmetries and improve the shape of the breasts.

Make it a priority to discuss the type of breast implants with your plastic surgeon as he is the only one capable of offering you a professional opinion on which implant best suits your build.


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