Smaller breasts: Why are they better?

Smaller breasts: Why are they better?

20th Dec 2021

In a world where breast augmentation surgery is among the two most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world, people tend to believe that the bigger the better. However, it is important to know that breast reduction surgery is also a procedure very much in demand. Bigger breasts are associated with certain health issues as well as multiple daily discomforts that can make the life of the patient rather complicated. For example, few people know that overly large breasts can be an obstacle in the way of keeping fit and performing sports and physical exercises. Today we will discuss a few reasons why smaller breasts are better.

  1. Sports activities and physical exercises

Have you ever seen a woman with overly large breasts exercising at the gym or jogging in the park? Even if you did, chances are it was a one-time experience as women with overly large breasts find it painful and very uncomfortable to perform physical exercises. When breast atrophy occurs at an early age, it can happen for the young girl to start avoiding all types of physical activities to avoid discomfort and pain. This can lead to an accumulation of fat in different areas of the body and the patient can become overweight due to living a sedentary life. 

  1. Improved body posture

The excessive volume of the breasts can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the spine and hence cause the deformation of the spine that leads to an abnormal body posture. Women with overly large breasts have a tendency to bring the shoulders forward and slouch. This can be corrected only by toning the muscles of the abdominal wall and the back. After breast reduction surgery, patients will find it easier to sustain a good body posture as the volume of the breasts are smaller and don’t put so much pressure on the spine. The recommendation is to have the procedure as soon as possible for women with severe breast hypertrophy to avoid permanent damage that can occur on the back. 

  1. Easier to find clothes and lingerie

If you have ever tried to find a nice, sexy looking bra for breasts that are overly large, you know that this is an oxymoron and you can’t really find a bra in a big size that is both supportive and sexy. There is a simple explanation behind this. Bras that can accommodate huge breasts need to have wide straps and band and also a certain level of compression and full cups, otherwise the woman might be confronted with back pain or the breasts will spill over the sides of the bra. Moreover, finding clothes that fit the upper part of the body will be too big for the lower part. It is difficult to find clothes that look professional on women with overly large breasts. After getting breast reduction surgery, women find it much easier to find clothes and lingerie that fit well and look good. 

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