Smoking and tummy tucks

06th Mar 2017

There is no question that smoking can cause significant health problems such as cancer and heart problems. Smoking affects the healing process and the blood supply to the surgical sites. If you smoke after undergoing a tummy tuck, you will have a more prolonged recovery period. Unnecessary wounds can develop. Incisions can open, there may be loss of skin, and subsequently bad scar formation.
You need to tell your surgeon if you are smoking. You are recommended to stop at least 2 to 3 weeks before the surgery. This will allow the body to clean itself from any harmful components of cigarettes that can affect the healing process. I have noticed patients that do not tell me that they are smoking and reveal these after surgery, only to find out their recovery tends to be at least 2 weeks longer than a non-smoker. The incisions tend to heal very slow, and many times they develop multiple areas of openings at the incision site, which will require additional treatment.
Prior to any plastic surgery procedure, stop smoking. This will allow you to recover faster and have a better outcome after a cosmetic procedure.

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