Smooth vs. textured implants

Smooth vs. textured implants

28th Dec 2018

Smooth vs. Textured Implants


In terms of breast augmentation, most patients requesting this type of procedure specifically ask for an augmentation using implants. There are two types of surfaces when it comes to implants: smooth or textured. Whether you are choosing saline solution filler implants or silicone ones, the surface of the implants can be different. After deciding on the type of the filler solution, your surgeon will give the option to choose between either a smooth surface or textured one. The surface debate is never-ending as surgeons usually have different opinions on this topic. Basically, the debate is targeting a well-known issue in breast augmentation: capsular contraction. Experts in the field are always looking for a way to prevent capsular contraction either by creating different types of implant surfaces, finding the most efficient filler, or learning more about the position where the implant needs to be placed.

A smooth implant has a sleek surface. It has fewer chances to ripple, resulting in fewer chances for the implants to break. They are usually placed under the pectoral muscle and create a softer sensation than textured ones. As they are more popular due to high resistance composure, a smooth implant is cheaper than a textured one.

Textured implants were very popular during the 80’s and early 90’s. Plastic surgeons and experts in the field believe they are less likely to lead to capsular contraction. As the surface is more like sandpaper, it is known that a textured implant will create a better grip around the tissue surrounding it. However, a textured implant will not give a natural sensation as much as smooth implants. Also, as the edges of the implant are more visible, they will also look more artificial, and someone can more easily detect that a person had a breast augmentation. Without a natural motion, they are much firmer and even without wearing a bra, your breast will stay still. If you are looking for a much firmer result, a textured implant is a good solution. They are specially designed to prevent the implant from moving within the breast pocket. If you have decided to go for teardrop-shaped implants, a textured surface would create a better aesthetic result. Textured implants are known to ripple more often than smooth ones.

Of course, even if there is always a debate on this topic, in the end it actually depends on the result that you want to achieve. With your expectations and proper recommendation from your board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon, there is always a way to make the right choice. Every patient is different, and for an optimal result, a specific, unique method is required when having the breast augmentation surgery.


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