Sports activities after breast augmentation

Sports activities after breast augmentation

05th Nov 2018

Breast augmentation surgery is without question one of the most commonly performed procedures in the United States and all over the world. Even if more and more women undergo the procedure each year, there are still questions that need to be addressed when it comes to the post-operative behavior of the patient. Among these things, an important topic is sports activities after a breast augmentation.

Women undergoing a breast augmentation with implants choose the procedure to increase the size of their breasts and also to improve their shape. What they might not realize prior to surgery is that a bigger size in breasts can change their physical exercise pattern or make sports activities more difficult. This is especially important for women who desire a considerable augmentation that is performed by using big silicone implants.

Your plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid moderate and intense physical activities for about a month following your cosmetic procedure to allow the surgical wounds to heal and your breast implants to settle into their location. During recovery, your plastic surgeon might recommend massages, but not physical exercises. Following this recommendation will lead to a faster and smoother recovery period.

Once the two-week recovery period is over, your plastic surgeon will probably suggest you resume more demanding physical exercises gradually so you don’t put too much pressure on the breasts at once. You can start with yoga, stretching, or other types of aerobic exercises that prepare your body for more strenuous sports activities.

If you are into sports activities such as swimming, basketball, tennis, or other contact sports, your plastic surgeon might suggest you resume them no sooner than one to two months after the procedure. These exercises involve the pectoral muscle and using it extensively too soon after the procedure can result in a migration of the implant if it was placed under the pectoral muscle.

It is always a good idea to resume sports activities only after getting the green light from the plastic surgeon and if your body feels up to the challenge. If you are not feeling ready to resume working out, wait some more and allow your body to heal. A smooth recovery is always more important than resuming all at once.

After the recovery, you might notice that some sports activities that used to be a breeze for you to perform become more difficult or different. This is completely normal. Changing the size of your breasts considerably leads to a change in body position and the way you can engage in sports. Women with naturally large breasts know all about this. To avoid the discomfort associated with playing sports when having big breasts, make sure to get a good quality sports bra that is perfectly fitted for your breasts. Wearing the sports bra during sports activities is essential to sustain the results of your breast augmentation and also for your comfort during such activities.

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