Sports after breast reduction

Sports after breast reduction

11th Nov 2019


Women with overly large breasts find it difficult and even painful to perform many of the activities that other women find easy and perform daily. Jogging or running are two of the activities that can result in a lot of pain for women with overly large breasts. This is the reason why so many of these women avoid engaging in physical activities altogether and limit exercises considerably. Exercise is supposed to be demanding on the body, but when combined with pain in the neck, back and shoulders, things can be pretty unappealing. Moreover, the weight of the breasts can feel like a constant burden that prevents women from doing certain movements that are easy and normal for other people. Have you ever seen a woman running while holding her breasts? Well, he chances are she has overdeveloped breasts and holding them while running makes the activity possible and not overly painful. Otherwise, the jiggling of the breasts up and down could be painful, not to mention incredibly uncomfortable.

Because many women with overly large breasts suffer due to their inability to engage in certain physical activities, patients undergoing breast reduction want to know when they can resume exercise after the surgery and how they should start. Many of the women with large breasts who choose to undergo the procedure are confronted with the side effects of not exercising properly, such as unwanted fat deposits in different areas of the body and a lack of muscular tonus. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon will advise you to take things really slowly after the procedure in terms of resuming exercise.

A strong recommendation is to get off the bed as soon as possible after the surgery and walk around the room every couple of hours. This will help you speed up the recovery process so you can resume your activities sooner. For the first two weeks post-op, the recommendation is not to try lift heavy objects from the floor as this might result in the opening of the incisions, something we try to avoid at all costs after any type of surgery. Keep in mind that even lifting your children in your arms can be an issue during the first few weeks post-op. However, during this time you can resume day-to-day activities that don’t involve a great deal of physical effort. The recommendation is to wait at least a month before resuming physical activities and start small and gradually. Make sure to wear compression garments or a good sports bra that is perfectly fitted for your breasts when engaging in physical activities as this will help you sustain the beautiful results for longer. Also, it is important to stop if you feel any pain and try again later. 


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