Steps of butt implant surgery

Steps of butt implant surgery

20th Aug 2021


Smaller and flatter buttocks look aesthetically unwelcoming. They make you look less feminine and even affect your overall body outline. Buttock augmentation is among the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. It enhances the buttocks by adding volume and projection to them and has a history of delivering effective outcomes. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will place external devices called gluteal implants into the booty. As a result, the size and contour of the buttocks improve. 

Buttock augmentation with implants is an invasive and major operation. As such, you must do your research before deciding to go under the knife. You should know what steps are involved so that you can have a holistic view and set your expectations about the procedure, recovery, and the results.

Choosing a plastic surgeon

Butt implant surgery is a major procedure, and your safety and the results depend mainly on the skills, experience, and credentials of the plastic surgeon. As such, selecting a plastic surgeon is considered an essential step in the surgical process. Before consulting with a plastic surgeon, be sure he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

Unfortunately, all licensed physicians in the US are legally free to do plastic surgery. As such, many doctors without a background in plastic surgery have started to pose as plastic surgeons. Having the surgery done by such a doctor can expose you to many risks and aesthetic complications. It is safe to get the surgery done by a plastic surgery with board certification. 

Board certification indicates that the doctor is specialized in plastic surgery and has extensive experience and training in the field. Even if the surgeon is board-certified, you must still make sure that he has experience in butt augmentation with implants. You should visit the website of the doctor to see his credentials and experience with butt augmentation. Also, check what people say about the surgeon on third party, independent review sites. 

Pre-operative consultation

The next important thing that you will be doing is attending a consultation session. You can choose to book a consultation with more than one plastic surgeon and get multiple options about your plan to get butt implant surgery. The pre-operative consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns, goals, and decisions with the plastic surgeon. It is your first step toward achieving your goal of having a bigger booty. 

During the consultation session, the plastic surgeon will first ask as to what you are looking for and what are your concerns. After getting your answer, the surgeon will examine your buttocks. He will check your buttocks to determine whether you need implants. He will also take measurements of your butt dimensions, height, and weight. He will also take your other physical features into account. 

If the surgeon is sure that you need butt augmentation, he will take a look at your medical history. Since the procedure is highly invasive and entails risks, the surgeon will make sure you are not suffering from serious health issues. Also, you must share your complete health, medication, and lifestyle information with the plastic surgeon. Keep in mind that butt implant surgery is an elective procedure and you should not risk your health and life for cosmetic purposes if you have severe health problems.

Buttock implants are prosthetic objects made of semi-solid silicone material. These devices are permanent and immune to ruptures and deflations. They are available in various size options. During the consultation session, the surgeon will discuss with you the different size options and help you select a suitable implant size. It is essential to choose an implant size that accentuates your body outline and BMI and sits properly inside your buttocks. Selecting the wrong implant size can result in poor results. Do not insist on getting large implants. The plastic surgeon can tell you best as to what implant size is most suitable for you and why. 

Administering the anesthesia

Buttock implant surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia. The operation is typically performed under general anesthesia because it is a traumatic surgery that involves incisions and injury to the butt tissues. To ensure your comfort during the procedure, the surgeon will recommend general anesthesia.  

A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia for you to fall asleep. You will not remember anything about how the surgery. Also, you will not feel any pain or discomforts during the procedure. You will wake up after the effects of the anesthesia wear off. 

Making the incision 

After the anesthesia administration, the plastic surgeon will begin the operation by making an incision on the butt. Different incision options can be used to implement the procedure. What incision technique is suitable for you depends on various factors, such as your expectations and goals, the specific aesthetic shortcomings in your buttocks, the implant size, and the plastic surgeon’s experience. 

One option is to make two incisions on the upper corner of the buttock. When the incisions are made in this location, the resulting scars will be hidden under the bikini line. However, most women don’t like this incision technique because it leaves two scars on the buttocks. 

The second option involves making incisions in the direction of the lower part of the gluteal crease where the buttocks and thigh muscles assimilate. This technique also leaves two scars on the buttocks, which is why many women also don’t use this option. 

The most popular incision technique involves a single incision that is made in the middle sacrum area or the fold between the two buttocks. This approach is famous because it not only leaves a single scar on the buttocks but also that the resulting scar will be hidden in the area between the buttocks. The plastic surgeon will make a 4-6 centimeter incision in this region and then proceed with inserting and placing the implants into the booty. 

Putting the implants into the buttocks

After making the incision, the plastic surgeon will proceed with inserting the pre-selected implants into the buttocks. Buttock implants are highly durable and made of medical grade, heavy-duty silicone material. These implants are different from breast implants and are highly resistant to ruptures and deflations. Gluteal implants have an excellent record of withstanding pressure and strain. Also, they have an excellent composition that imitates buttock tissue. 

The surgeon will insert the implants into the buttocks through the incisions and then place them in the intended locations. The implants can be placed above, within, or under the butt muscle. Which of these places the implants are put in goes a long way toward determining the shape and size of the butt. Most surgeons prefer to put the implants within or under the butt muscles so that the implants can get better tissue coverage. The risks of implant displacement, palpability, and rippling are lower with this option. Moreover, the buttocks look beautiful and natural when the implants are put under or within the muscles. 

Suturing and closing the incisions

After putting the implants in the desired place, the plastic surgeon will make sure that the buttocks are appropriately shaped and are fuller and more prominent. He will then suture and close the incisions. The surgeon will use the butt tissues for suturing so that the newly contoured buttocks are held in place. He will then use skin adhesives or surgical tape to close the incisions. 

Results of the surgery

After the procedure, the surgeon will monitor your health for some time, and if it remains stable, you will be allowed to go home. While some of the results may be apparent right after the procedure, complete results will take many weeks and even months to emerge. You will be required to go through an entire recovery process. The primary recovery period comprises the first two weeks, whereas full recovery can take six weeks. Once the post-operative swelling disappears and the incisions fully heal, the buttocks will appear more prominent, shapelier, and voluptuous. Be sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions for a smooth and safe recovery. 


Buttock augmentation with implants is an effective and popular method to increase the size of smaller buttocks. Butt implants are artificial objects that are inserted and placed into the buttocks through incisions. Many steps are involved in the surgery, and the patient must acquaint herself with those steps. Doing so will help you make better decisions and set your expectations accordingly. During the consultation session, be sure to ask the doctor to explain the steps of the procedure to you. In this article, I have discussed the main steps of butt implant surgery, in addition to describing the consultation session and how to choose a plastic surgeon. 

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