Stretch marks due to breast augmentation

Stretch marks due to breast augmentation

12th Oct 2018

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular surgery that women go through in order to improve their body’s appearance. Although it only involves working on their breasts, the whole body is improved because it also helps make the body look like it has a slimmer waist. Breast augmentation procedures usually make use of implants in order to give more volume to the breast. With implants inserted, you would expect that the skin and tissue will stretch.

In order to accommodate the added volume to the breasts, the tissues and skin need to stretch. One concern that women have about their breast stretching is the appearance of stretch marks. The stretch marks usually appear when the skin is stretched beyond its capabilities. Although the skin is elastic, too much stretching can cause what seem like tears in the skin, which we call as stretch marks.

With breast augmentation through the use of implants, it is possible for women to develop stretch marks. It is the natural reaction of the skin when it is stretched to its limits. Although stretch marks can occur, it doesn’t appear all the time in all patients. The presence of stretch marks due to the implants will depend on several factors.

First of all, the size of the implant greatly affects the presence of stretch marks. When the implants are very huge, you can expect that it is likely to have stretch marks than when it is only a smaller implant. This is because the skin needs to stretch more due to the added volume immediately.

The elasticity of the skin of the patient will also be a factor in the presence or absence of stretch marks. If the patient already has stretch marks on her body, it is likely that she would also develop some stretch marks due to the addition of implants on her breasts.

Although some women develop stretch marks after they had their breast augmentation, it is a very rare complication. Some people are just genetically designed to have stretch marks while others don’t easily get them. Those who got stretch marks will often see them as pinkish or reddish streaks. With time, the stretch marks will fade and will become less noticeable. Some women who develop them don’t really notice them after they have faded.

If you are prone to stretch marks, you may want to do some preventive measures in order to lessen the amount of stretch marks that you develop. Lots of people suggest making sure that the breasts are well moisturized months leading to the procedure helps. There are creams that can be used to help prevent the stretch marks. There are also topical products that can be used to help the stretch marks to fade so that they are not noticeable.

Breast augmentation surgery involves some risks and developing stretch marks is one of them. There are other more risks involved, and before you go through the surgery, it is important to know them all first. Knowledge of these will help you determine if you are really willing to undergo the procedure or not.

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