Successful Plastic Surgery and Celebrities

Successful Plastic Surgery and Celebrities

08th Jul 2017

Successful Plastic Surgery and Celebrities


More than a few women come into my practice with the desire to enhance their aesthetic features through cosmetic surgery. Many of them want to follow in the footsteps of the celebrities they admire such as Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie. Some of them had extremely unrealistic expectations, but the majority of these patients have set sensible objectives. A conscientious plastic surgeon will advise you to keep reasonable expectations from the surgery and he should also explain to you that although you may choose to undergo the same surgical procedures, it is still impossible to look like your favorite celebrity.

Regrettably, there will always be a limit as to how much you can alter your appearance. It is only natural to get inspiration from the looks of celebrities, but you should be aware of the fact that every person has a unique anatomy and physical characteristics. Patients incorrectly assume that plastic surgery will make them bear a resemblance to their beloved celebrity, but this is not the case. To be able to feel more confident after your surgical intervention, it is essential to have realistic and reasonable goals and expectations.

The purpose of this article is to describe how some celebrities have achieved their aesthetic goals with the help of cosmetic surgery. You can also use plastic surgery to enhance your appearance and boost self-esteem within reason.

It’s already a trend for the media to flood us with pictures and information on celebrities with failed attempts at plastic surgery. Unfortunately, when celebrities have surgery with amazing results, this is rarely mentioned. Here are a number of famous people who underwent plastic surgery with incredible results.

Diane Kruger

The German star and ex-model decided to undergo the breast augmentation surgery in search of a boost to her aesthetic appearance. The breast implants chosen for her are the perfect shape and size, resulting in a sizzling, exquisite appearance. You will also notice that her breasts are flawless and they completely suit her body type.

Before and after pictures of the star’s breasts can be seen anywhere online. The actress chose not to comment on the rumors, but she also didn’t deny having undergone plastic surgery. The obvious difference in terms of the size and shape of her breasts is a clear indication of breast implant surgery.

Taking a look at the before and after pictures, it appears that she started with an A cup and is now at least a B cup. Unlike many other celebrities, Diane Kruger achieved impressive results with her surgery. The new breasts complement her figure and look utterly natural and beautiful.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress never denied going under the knife for a rhinoplasty to fix her deviated septum. She didn’t do it just once, but twice, and the interventions certainly made a difference. Comparing before and after pictures of her nose clearly demonstrates the improvement she obtained after plastic surgery.

It has also been rumored that the famous actress also had a facelift done as well as other procedures. There were people saying she also had breast augmentation, but the claims have not been backed by any facts. However, Jennifer’s breasts have indeed become shapelier and an increase in volume is noticeable. Jennifer Aniston also mentioned on a TV show that she is no stranger to plastic surgery, which she even considered useful to keep up with the ever changing standards of beauty.

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell opted for a breast augmentation with saline solution implants. Judging by her beautifully shaped breasts, it is obvious that the implants were chosen carefully for the purpose of complementing her petite body frame.

While Geri has only admitted to getting Botox done to her face and denied that she had any breast augmentation performed, it is apparent that plastic surgery has been used to enhance her appearance.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox was quick to deny undergoing any plastic surgery procedures, but her fans couldn’t help notice her sudden transformation. Without a doubt, she had lip and nose jobs that improved her appearance, making her stunningly beautiful.

The actress was gorgeous even before the plastic surgery interventions, but the before and after photos demonstrate that she chose an excellent plastic surgeon. There are fans claiming that she had a breast augmentation procedure. Apparently, she has spent more than $60,000 on cosmetic interventions and was named the Queen of Plastic Surgery.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s breasts have been certainly revamped during a breast augmentation procedure and the results are superb. Her breasts are now elevated, fuller, curvier and they look completely genuine. The truth is that it would be difficult to say she had plastic surgery if pictures before and after the procedure were not available online. This celebrity might have had a rhinoplasty too.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is the prime example of a celebrity who is not afraid of repeatedly undergoing plastic surgery procedures. Moreover, she is often cited whenever people discuss the effectiveness and remarkable results of plastic surgery and finally, her curvaceous silhouette can be attributed to the surgery and her superior anatomy. It is evident that Jennifer Lopez is one of the few celebrities who have had numerous successful plastic surgeries. The celebrity admitted to undergoing breast and buttock augmentation to get the amazing hourglass figure she has now. Her breasts are a work of art, seeming downright natural. Upon studying the before and after pictures, an expert eye can see that her breasts were loose before the interventions occurred. Some people claim that she had silicone implant surgery.

Kelly Osbourne

Her mother is well-known for her fascination with plastic surgery, but Kelly was adamant in denying that she undergone cosmetic interventions to achieve her beauty. However, her sudden transformation involved losing several pounds and her body proportions were reduced all of a sudden. Despite the questionable and drastic change, she claims that it was all natural and there was no external intervention. Her obvious transition into a slimmer, sexier woman indicates that she used a certain method to get rid of the unwanted fat deposits from areas such as the face, neck, abdomen, upper back, thighs and flanks. She credited her transformation to diet, dance and exercise, but we already know that they are not enough to change your body overnight.

Notwithstanding Kelly’s denial, there is no doubt that she looks lovelier and more attractive after the interventions. Her body has faultless curves and her buttocks and thighs complement her breasts. Kelly is a good example of getting the hourglass body shape with the help of plastic surgery.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is a popular reality show star famous for her beautiful derriere. The celebrity mentioned that she had her buttocks improved with the help of a buttock augmentation and the result of her plastic surgery is astonishing indeed. Her buttocks were enhanced to become larger, curvier and more alluring.

In a recent interview, Heidi mentioned she has regrets about undergoing several surgeries. She most certainly seems to enjoy and benefit from her enhanced aesthetic appearance, even if there are people who call her the “plastic girl”. Keep in mind that even if plastic surgery is a wonderful and effective method to refine your appearance, when the patient is undergoing multiple procedures, a certain degree of stress and emotional trauma cannot be avoided.

Virginia Gallardo

Virginia Gallardo seems more than happy to show off her improved buttocks, despite being often criticized for undergoing surgery. Her derriere is outright remarkable and it gives her a boost in self-esteem. The celebrity admitted to feeling more confident and sexy after having the buttock augmentation procedure and it is no wonder because her butt looks rounder, curvier and just perfect.

Virginia Gallardo has a remarkable posterior that has given her a sense of well-deserved gratification and self-esteem. While she was disparaged for undergoing surgery, she seems absolutely ecstatic about her enhanced buttocks.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is another celebrity keen to deny ever having plastic surgery, but the pictures show clearly that she, at the very least, had a nose job. Just by looking at the pictures one can easily tell that she achieved her ideal nose with the help of plastic surgery. The results of her rhinoplasty are incredible; the nose has an impeccable shape and it seems utterly natural. Some say that she had also undergone a breast augmentation procedure because her bust became fuller in such a short amount of time.

Brad Pitt

Plastic surgery is very popular among female stars but lately, male celebrities have also taken an interest in the procedures to improve their appearance or correct imperfections. A perfect example is Brad Pitt. The famous actor benefited from plastic surgery to correct an aesthetic flaw in his ears and the result is natural and barely visible.


Celebrities always draw a lot of attention. However, if they want to maintain the focus on them, they need to keep up with the modern day definition of beauty. Because of this, many stars choose to go under the knife for the purpose of enhancing their looks.

Some celebrities have totally destroyed their appearance by becoming obsessed with plastic surgery, but others have achieved remarkable results after undergoing cosmetic interventions. This only means that it is just as crucial for celebrities as it is for common people to choose a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to perform their desired cosmetic surgery.

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