Suitable treatment for saggy buttocks

Suitable treatment for saggy buttocks

12th Mar 2018

The appearance of the buttocks is important for the overall appearance of the individual. A nicely shaped buttock with a good size and projection can completely change the profile of the patient and make the silhouette more appealing. However, there are many factors that can alter the aspect of the butt for the worse. Among these factors are a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise, and genetic predispositions. Saggy buttocks can also occur after the patient has bariatric surgery. Moreover, there is always the impact of time and gravity on the body which ultimately leads to saggy skin and loose buttocks. Ideally, we only have to deal with these aesthetic imperfections in old age, but when they occur during mature age, this can be quite unpleasant for a woman and even trigger emotional complexes. This is the reason why many women look for methods to treat saggy and loose buttocks.

Unfortunately, when it comes to saggy skin and loose buttocks, diets and physical exercises can’t do much. In other words, there is no amount of physical exercise that can help us eliminate the excess skin left after bariatric surgery or a considerable weight loss. This means that the only viable solution to treat saggy and loose buttocks is with the help of plastic surgery.

The procedure commonly performed to treat saggy and loose buttocks is the butt lift. This is a surgical procedure that entails the removal of the excess skin and fat tissue to achieve a younger looking and firmer butt. It is performed under general anesthesia in a vast majority of cases, and the patient can return home within hours if no complications are present. The scar left after the butt lift often has a circular shape and is positioned on the hips.

The recovery period after the butt lift usually lasts about two weeks. The patient is advised to clean the surgical site with water and antibacterial soap and also to use the products recommended by the plastic surgeon for faster healing, usually silicone sheets. Compression garments are mandatory for a period of at least six weeks post-op. The compression clothing needs to be worn around the clock during the first six weeks and only during the day for a few more weeks.

The results achieved after the butt lift surgery are better when the patient will put in the efforts to avoid complications and speed up the recovery process. This means that the patient should not sit on the buttocks or lie on the back for the first three weeks post-op as to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the incisions. Moreover, to avoid infections, a proper hygiene of the surgical site is mandatory.

To make sure the butt lift is the suitable treatment plan for your particular case, make sure to schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon to discuss how to treat saggy and loose buttocks.

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