Surgical approaches to the breast lift

Surgical approaches to the breast lift

09th Jun 2019



With age come aesthetic flaws in the human body. As you age, your skin will become weaker and the breast muscles will separate from each other. You may see changes in the shape and youthfulness of your breasts. If your breasts are smaller, the aesthetic changes in the breasts will be elusive. On the other hand, women with large breasts experience more sagginess in the breasts. Other factors that can cause breast sagging include pregnancy and breastfeeding, gravity, and a poor lifestyle.

The breast lift restores your breasts’ firmness and perkiness, making them aesthetically pleasing and youthful. When the breasts become firmer, it helps enhance your overall body outline. Many surgical approaches are used during the breast lift. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and understand your goals and then recommend the surgical approach best for you.


Reasons why many women consider a breast lift

There are several reasons why women go under the knife to get firmer and shapelier breasts. First off, women desire to have a better breast shape after weight changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnancy and breastfeeding introduce aesthetically undesirable changes to the breasts, leaving the breasts saggy. The breast lift can reverse the effects of pregnancy, making the breasts firmer again.

When women undergo considerable weight changes, it too can cause the breasts to become saggy. Weight loss results in a loss of breast volume, which is the reason why the breasts become saggy. The breast lift restores the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts that were lost as a result of the weight fluctuation.

Some women get breast sagginess due to genetic factors. A breast lift can effectively make your breasts firmer, perky, and sexy if genetics has caused your breasts to become saggy.


Surgical approaches to a breast lift

There are different surgical approaches to perform the breast lift. The methods used for each patient are different. It depends on the severity of breast sagging, the availability of breast tissue, the volume of skin that needs to be removed, and your aesthetic goals and expectations. Based on these factors, the plastic surgeon will tell you which surgical approach is best for you and will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Below are the surgical approaches to the breast lift:


– Crescent lift

If the sagging in your breasts is mild and you don’t want to get much scarring on your breasts, then the crescent lift may be the right approach for you. With this approach, the plastic surgeon will make a tiny incision on your breast that will go midway around the upper half of the perimeter of your areola. In some cases, the crescent lift approach is used when the breast lift is performed along with a breast augmentation.


– Peri-areolar or “donut” lift

Also known as the donut lift, the peri-areolar lift approach can fix mildly sagging breasts. With this approach, the plastic surgeon will use only a single scar to treat the sagginess in your breasts. This approach involves a spherical incision that goes around the perimeter of the areola. In most cases, this approach is used where the breast lift is being performed along with a breast augmentation. If your areola has expanded, this approach can help reduce its size.

By using this surgical approach, the surgeon will remove less skin from the breasts, which means you can recover fairly quickly after the surgery and the resulting scars will be minimal. It is also less traumatic. This surgical approach is not useful for patients who have severely saggy breasts.


–    Vertical or “lollipop” lift

The vertical or lollipop lift approach is useful for patients who have moderately sagging breasts. This technique is more effective at contouring and sculpting the breasts. The vertical lift approach is used more commonly because it lets the plastic surgeon excise more skin from the breasts and reshapes the breast. The scars are simple and can be camouflaged.

With this approach, the plastic surgeon will make two incisions on your breast. The first incision is made around the border of the areola, and the second one goes vertically from the lower part of the areola to the inframammary fold. The vertical breast lift approach provides the surgeon enough flexibility to perform the procedure and contour your breasts.  


– Inverted T or “anchor” lift

With the inverted T surgical approach, the plastic surgeon can dramatically reshape and lift the breasts. This approach is recommended for patients who have severely saggy breasts, with the nipples pointing to the ground. This incision technique lets the surgeon removal considerable amount of surplus skin and fat from the breasts, which helps restore the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts.

The inverted T approach, also known as the anchor lift, uses three incisions to deliver the desired outcomes. The first incision is made around the border of the areola and the second one goes from the lower part of the areola to the fold of the breast. The third incision is made along the inframammary crease, camouflaged within the breast fold.

Patients who desire to get breast reduction with a breast lift can also qualify for this approach. Even though the anchor breast lift leads to more noticeable scarring, the scars will typically become less visible over time. They can also be hidden in the bra.


Combining a breast lift with augmentation

Another popular surgical approach is the combo of breast lift and augmentation. It is essential to keep in mind that depending on how severely saggy your breasts are and your aesthetic goals, the breast lift alone may not deliver you the desired outcomes. If your breasts are saggy and have lost volume because of pregnancy or weight loss, and you wish to have not only raised but also bigger breasts, you may consider a combo of breast lift and breast augmentation. Here you will achieve two goals with one operation.

When the combo procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will place implants inside your breasts during the breast lift. As a result, you will get not only firmer breasts but also fuller breasts. The combined operation has an excellent record of delivering useful results.

Also, the surgeon will generally use the same incisions to insert and place the implants inside your breasts, so the combo procedure will not considerably prolong the recovery period. The good news is that less skin will be removed from your breasts when the two procedures are performed at once. The resulting scars will also be less. Moreover, the cost of the combined procedure is lower than the price of the procedures when performed separately.


The Wonder breast lift

The Wonder breast lift is a modern approach to lifting the breasts. The procedure not only raises the breasts but also reshapes them, so that they can look aesthetically welcoming and the results can stay with you permanently. In other words, it entirely transforms your breasts. With this approach, the plastic surgeon will not only restore the firmness and youthfulness of your breasts but also reorganize and rebuild the pectoral muscles and ligaments.

One of the significant shortcomings of the standard breast lift approach is that the results are not sustainable. As time passes, your breasts become saggy again. But this is not the case with the Wonder breast lift because it uses not only your skin but also your ligaments and pectoral muscle to provide sustenance to your newly contoured breasts.

Provided that the inverted T scar’s outcomes are not often excellent, the Wonder breast lift makes use of a vertical or straight incision that goes to the edges of the breasts instead of the midpoint. What this means is that the scars will not be more noticeable.


Complexity of the breast lift

How complex the breast lift will be will depend on the level of sagging in your breasts. If your breasts are mildly or moderately saggy, the operation will not be as complex. On the other hand, if the sagging is severe, the surgery will be more complicated as more advanced techniques will be used.

During the pre-operative consultation, be sure to discuss the breast lift approaches with the plastic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will always explain the pros and cons of each approach to you and recommend the best method.



The breast lift is a popular treatment for saggy breasts and can effectively make your breasts firmer again. Plastic surgeons use different surgical approaches to perform the procedure, which have been explained above. Which of these surgical approaches is best for you depends on many factors. If you want to explore your options and know more about the procedure, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing the breast lift regularly.


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