Surgical treatments for disproportionately large breasts

Surgical treatments for disproportionately large breasts

13th Jun 2017

Some women dream about having larger and perkier breasts, but are unaware of how disproportionately large breasts can actually cause a lot of discomfort. To illustrate this, overly large breasts have been linked to various conditions like back pain, neck pain, and other physical discomforts. While there may be other ways to alleviate the discomfort, the most effective and permanent solution would be surgical.

A breast reduction surgery can be performed to make huge breasts more proportionate to your frame. This would not only help with the aesthetic appearance of the breast, but it can remove the pain and discomfort caused by heavy and huge breasts. Sagging is a big issue when breasts are oversized and with the help of the surgery and breast lift, the breasts can be resized and reshaped to appear more pleasing, perkier and youthful.

While there are indeed many women who want to have large breasts, not all women who have large breasts are happy with them. Aside from health issues, attendant pain and discomfort, and the limitations imposed on physical activities, it can also cause poor self-image and insecurities.

There are several techniques in performing breast reduction and all can provide beneficial results. Some people may opt for liposuction, which removes excess fat through very small, inconspicuous incisions. This may reduce the size but it will not address the issue of saggy breasts. Sagging can only be corrected through a breast lift.

With a breast reduction surgery or a breast lift, the excess skin, fat, and tissue would be removed. The patient who goes through the surgery will be under general anesthesia. The length and location of the incision will depend on the technique that the surgeon will use in order to shape the breasts properly. During consultation, the surgeon will discuss the merits of the different techniques that can be used. The patient needs to clearly understand and weigh the pros and cons because each technique will also result in different scars.

After the surgery, patients can normally feel tenderness and swelling over the area. It is possible for surgeons to prescribe pain medications so that patients can feel better and recover more comfortably. During the recuperation period, the patient should avoid doing any strenuous work, but moving and walking around is encouraged for faster recovery and healing.

The surgery will produce more evenly proportionate breasts that are perkier, lighter, less saggy and youthful looking. Quality of life and self-esteem will greatly improved as the patient can engage in a more active lifestyle without the pain, discomfort associated with extremely large breasts, and clothes fit better with the more balanced silhouette.


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