Surprising your loved ones with plastic surgery

Surprising your loved ones with plastic surgery

29th Aug 2019

Surprising your loved ones with plastic surgery


Nowadays we hear more and more about people surprising their loved ones with plastic surgery. There are women getting breast enhancement procedures to surprise their partners, and there are also people offering plastic surgery as a gift to their loved ones. When considering both of these aspects, it is important to understand that first and foremost, plastic surgery is about undergoing surgery, a procedure that will alter your physical appearance permanently. This decision should be taken by the patient alone and with no pressure from friends or family members. But let’s discuss these issues separately.


Getting plastic surgery to surprise your loved ones

We sometimes have women who want to enhance their bodies with the help of plastic surgery as a gift or surprise for their partners. You should know that when this happens, the plastic surgeon has the responsibility to discuss the reasons for undergoing the procedure in detail with the patient to help her avoid making a mistake that she will later on regret. Undergoing plastic surgery is not similar to having acrylic nails or a new haircut or hairstyle. Plastic surgery entails incisions and permanent marks. Moreover, each procedure has specific risks and complications associated with it, and in some cases, these could be severe. For example, in the case of abdominoplasty, there is a risk of excessive bleeding, incisions opening after the procedure, and even the formation of blood clots. The risk of developing an infection is always present when talking about surgery. When considering getting plastic surgery to surprise your loved ones, always remember that it will be you and you alone to deal with potential complications or long-term consequences. Make sure to weigh in the pros and cons carefully before scheduling. 


Offering plastic surgery to surprise your loved ones

A few years ago, it was all over the mass media news about a celebrity mom offering her eight-year old daughter a voucher for breast augmentation. The mother in question called this gift “an investment” in the child’s future, but it stirred a lot of controversy. Discussing the need for plastic surgery at such a young age can have an effect on children, so parents are advised to treat this with care. At the same time, offering plastic surgery vouchers for your partner can be considered a nice gesture or a very rude one. Most men prefer women with large breasts, but this is not a reason to give your partner breast implant surgery as a gift, especially if she hasn’t mentioned being interested in resorting to plastic surgery at all. As stated above, plastic surgery is a personal choice and patients should not be forced or talked into getting procedures that they will regret later on. Undergoing plastic surgery should be done with serious reasons in mind and with a strong medical recommendation behind it.


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