Swelling and bruising after butt implants surgery

Swelling and bruising after butt implants surgery

31st May 2017

Buttock augmentation can be done by making use of implants for the butt cheeks. The implants give more volume to the buttocks, and they also help improve the shape. Butt implant surgery is capable of augmenting the buttocks in a more obvious way. It can produce the bubble-shaped buttocks that many women now desire.

Before a patient can enjoy her shapelier butt, she has to recover from the surgery first. Even if the surgery takes just a few hours to do, the recovery will take longer. Recovering properly from the butt implant procedure increases the patient’s chance of having the desired outcome.

Swelling and bruising can occur after the surgery. These occur because of the damage the buttock receives. Swelling is the body’s response to the surgery, but it isn’t permanent. It is an accumulation of fluid, and the degree of swelling varies from one patient to another. Gradually, the swelling will subside as the body heals from the surgery.

Due to the swelling, it is possible the buttocks would look abnormally bigger than what you would expect. When the swelling subsides, the size of the buttocks will also decrease in size so that it doesn’t look too big. This is part of the healing process, and it will gradually happen.

In addition to overly sized buttocks, it is also possible that the implants look like they are riding too high. Some patients even mistakenly assume their surgeons had placed their implants in a very high position. The truth is the implants were properly placed, but they also need time to settle down to their proper place. This is quite similar to what patients with breast implants observe. The implants may appear as though they are not properly positioned or are asymmetrical because one is higher than the other. This case mostly happens in patients who have their implants placed on the subfascial level.

Bruising also normally occurs after the butt implant surgery. The bruising is caused by some blood that has leaked to the muscles and other tissues. The blood isn’t supposed to be there, that is why the body is gradually removing it, which gives the appearance of a bruised buttock. The bruised appearance of the buttocks will also gradually be removed as the body heals.

Both bruising and swelling can be observed after butt implant surgery and other major surgeries as swell. It is a common result of surgeries, but it gradually improves. If it doesn’t then it is best to go to your surgeon and inform them of your condition. It is possible it will take some time before these subside, but eventually they will. By going back to the surgeon for the scheduled follow-up consultation, the surgeon can see your current condition. They can assess whether you are healing well from the surgery or not. This is one of the reasons why it is best to find a surgeon who is found locally.

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