Swollen, sore, and itchy after breast reduction surgery

Swollen, sore, and itchy after breast reduction surgery

05th Oct 2017

The breast reduction surgery is a very useful surgery for those who have large breasts. It also helps women who have sagging breasts by removing the excess skin, fat, or tissue. Before you decide to go for a breast reduction procedure, you should first make sure that you are knowledgeable about how it works so that you can prepare yourself for the results. You have to remember that before you achieve smaller and better-looking breasts, you first have to heal and recover from the procedure.

After a successful operation, you can expect that your breasts can become swollen, sore, and itchy. These are commonly observed right after the surgery up to after a few months. Gradually these will get better as the body heals and recovers from the surgery. It is important for you to know how to properly take care of your body after the surgery to make sure that you heal well.

A common outcome of all surgeries is the swelling of the area operated on. This is how the body reacts to the damage that it sustained during the surgery. The swelling can be due to the increasing amount of fluid that accumulates in the area of the body that is involved. The fluid that accumulates can contain much white blood cells to help heal that area at a faster pace. Most of the time, the swelling is allowed to take its course because it gradually disappears as the accumulated fluid is reabsorbed by the body, but in cases where the accumulated fluid is too much, draining the fluid can be done.

Another outcome to expect is the soreness of the breasts. The degree of pain felt by each patient is different from one another because each has her own pain tolerance. There are medications that are prescribed by the surgeons in order to help patients deal with the pain, and these should be taken in as prescribed. The pain will subside gradually as the body heals and as the swelling subsides. The swelling can also cause the tissue to stretch; that is why patients can feel soreness and pain after the surgery. The alterations done during surgery can be the source of the pain.

Itchiness is another outcome that is to be expected. Although it is to be expected, severe itching that can feel like a burning sensation is not normal. It is possible that you have an infection or an allergic reaction that is why it is that itchy. You can check the incision site, but make sure that you wash your hands before doing so. Take a look if there is redness or an oozing fluid because these are signs that you might have an infection. You can also observe the site where the medical tapes are attached or where topical medications are used. It is possible that the itchiness you are feeling is due to an allergic reaction.

Itchiness can also be felt on the nipples. The itchy nipples can be a sign that the sensitivity of the nipples is gradually normalizing. The itchiness here results to the regeneration of the nerves that were damaged during the surgery. Itchiness would gradually subside as the nerves are fully regenerated.

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