When are tear-shaped breast implants recommended?

When are tear-shaped breast implants recommended?

10th May 2017

When are tear-shaped breast implants recommendedBreast augmentation can be done through the use of breast implants, which are usually filled with silicone gel or saline solution to mimic the softness of the breasts. Breast implants also come in a variety of sizes depending on the volume they can accommodate. There are two major shapes to choose from: teardrop-shaped and round.

Round implants are the most common shape used by women. They are best for those who want to achieve overall fullness of the breasts. Many women choose this shape to have a full cleavage, though some find the effect of round implants artificial, especially at the top of the breast. Those who want a more natural look may get the teardrop-shaped implants instead.

Another reason why round implants are more recommended is due to the possibility of the implant rotating. A round implant that rotates will not change the appearance of the breast, but the malrotation of a teardrop-shaped breast implants would be obvious.

A teardrop implant has a sloped contour that features more volume at the bottom than the top. This shape is more natural looking because breasts naturally have more fullness at the base. With this kind of implant, a more natural augmentation of the breast is achieved. This is mostly chosen by women who want to increase their size while retaining its natural appearance. They are also commonly used for breast reconstruction.

Newer teardrop implants available on the market today are less likely to rotate due to their material. They are also highly cohesive and intact in a semi-solid state, so you won’t have to worry about leaking. If you wish to go for teardrop implants and want to minimize the risk of malrotation, seek out experienced surgeons who specialize in this type of shape.

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