How to tell your partner you want a plastic surgery intervention

How to tell your partner you want a plastic surgery intervention

02nd Oct 2018

Plastic surgery was once reserved for celebrities only; however, with the changing times, ordinary people have also realized the importance of plastic surgery in the aesthetic enhancement of the human body. There are a number of procedures that are now financially viable for many men and women. Procedures like breast enhancement, butt enhancement, tummy tuck, and liposuction have become very common over the years.

Women often ask how they should tell their partners that they want to undergo plastic surgery. Given the nature of the intervention, it is totally understandable and natural to find it difficult to share your decision with your partner. The good news is that plastic surgery has now become almost a common norm for many women and men, which is why your partner may not be all that astonished about your decision. However, it is still hard to tell your partner you want a plastic surgery.

There are many people who do not completely understand why others want a particular cosmetic procedure. Your partner may also not be aware of how a certain aesthetic flaw in your body is affecting your quality of life. So when sharing your decision with your partner, you should start by expressing how the aesthetic problem is affecting you. After that, you should tell him/her that in order to overcome that problem, you want to undergo plastic surgery.

You should also explain how the surgery will help you and what would be the outcome and impact of the intervention to your life. You should state that after the procedure, you would appear more youthful and feminine or masculine, as the case may be. There is also a probability that your partner might tell you that you don’t need plastic surgery. While he/she may be right, you should look at how you feel when you interact with different people in different settings.

Try to explain to your partner that he/she is telling you the right thing, but in order to feel confident in different circumstances of life, you need a plastic surgery. Remember, how you appear is about you, your confidence, and your quality of life. You should tell your partner that you want to feel better about yourself, not to impress someone, and plastic surgery is a reliable option.

Also, even if you don’t need financial help from your partner for the surgery, you should discuss the amount of money involved. Remember, many plastic surgery procedures are cosmetic in nature and not covered by insurance, which is why you should take your partner into confidence and arrange for the finances. Be ready to discuss the risks should your partner bring them up, and try to make a cost/benefit analysis of the intervention.

Remember, if you seriously want to undergo plastic surgery, you need to share the decision with your partner and take him/her into confidence because it will affect your mutual life. You should not go for the procedure without your partner’s consent. If your partner is currently not ready for it, let him/her think about it. Give him/her enough time to make a decision. The key to convincing your partner for the surgery is to have calm and planned discussions.

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