Textured silicone implants

Textured silicone implants

27th Nov 2015

Breast implants come in two different surfaces: textured and smooth. The textured surface is somewhat rough, giving traction to the surface like fine sandpaper. The smooth silicone implant, as the name suggests, is slick, with a very even surface. Each of these different surface types has its own pros and cons; each has both benefits and drawbacks. These should be carefully considered while deciding what implant is right for you.

Textured implants were designed to help prevent capsular contracture. Studies vary on whether the textured surface really prevents contracture. Some studies have shown that when implants are placed under the muscle, there is no difference in capsular contracture rates, while others show a lower rate of capsular contracture. This subject is still being debated.

Textured implants are generally firmer than smooth implants, as they have a thicker shell. The textured breast implants were createdto keep the implant from moving around within the breast pocket created by the surgeon. The slight roughness of the implant’s surface makes it tend to stick to the tissue around it, keeping the implant in its position. This becomes particularly important with implants that are teardrop shaped, keeping them aligned properly within the breast tissue. If the teardrop shaped implant were to move around, the breast would become distorted and of irregular shape.

Some surgeons and patients prefer smooth to textured, anatomical to round, and vice versa. Consulting with a few plastic surgeons will give you a better of idea of the option that is right for you.

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