The anatomy of the buttocks and plastic surgery

The anatomy of the buttocks and plastic surgery

30th Nov 2018

The buttocks have a different shape depending on the body of the person and his lifestyle choices. For example, a patient with an hourglass silhouette will usually have round buttocks. A patient with an A-shape body might have big buttocks that are wider at the lower part. V-shaped buttocks are probably the least appealing of the shapes and yet many people still have it, both men and women. Lifestyle choices also affect the size and appearance of the buttocks. Sagging breasts are often a reality for people spending their lives sitting on a chair all day and never exercising. Small, toned buttocks can be present when the person exercises a lot at the gym and has a naturally small butt.

Improving the shape and size of the buttocks is possible today with the help of plastic surgery. Numerous procedures are available for patients who are confronted with unsightly buttocks due to one cause or the other. These procedures include butt augmentation with silicone implants, fat transfer, the traditional butt lift, Brazilian butt lift, and buttock reduction which can be performed with liposuction.

When aiming to correct or improve the appearance of the buttocks, we need to consider the anatomy of the patient. Many are disappointed after undergoing plastic surgery because the results are not what they expected. There are patients with small, saggy buttocks who believe that immediately surgery, their buttocks will be just as big and appealing as J. Lo’s behind. This is not always possible. The results of any plastic surgery (butt augmentation included) are dependent on the initial anatomy and physical characteristics of the patient. The skin tonus, thickness of the fat layer, and the tonus of the muscles play an important role when considering the results of your buttock augmentation or lift. Plastic surgery is the only effective method to correct or improve the buttocks as it is the only one which can have an effect on all structures of the buttock anatomy.

To increase the size and projection of the buttocks, we can use implants that are inserted either inside or under the muscles of the buttocks and have the same consistency to the touch as the muscles. To create a more beautiful shape and curves, we can transfer fat to the buttocks and increase the thickness of the layer of fat that is already there. Skin sagginess on the buttocks can also be corrected with a lifting intervention during which the excess skin will be removed.

Many buttock imperfections can be corrected with the help of plastic surgery. However, you need to keep in mind that you should always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs these procedures routinely if you want to get satisfactory results and reduce the risks of developing complications. The plastic surgeon should have a keen understanding of the anatomy of the buttocks to be able to deliver spectacular results that will complement your body shape.

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