The appearance of the buttocks after butt augmentation

The appearance of the buttocks after butt augmentation

21st Apr 2021


Buttock augmentation has been developed and is performed to help men and women with small, flat buttocks get an enhancement in the rear end. There are actually two procedures performed for butt augmentation purposes, and one makes use of silicone implants and the other the patient’s own fat tissue. The procedures are performed in different manners and deliver different results, so the appearance of the buttocks after butt augmentation depends on the technique used. In this article, we will discuss about butt augmentation procedures, what they entail, and also what results they can provide.

Butt augmentation methods

Patients can be recommended either to undergo fat transfer to the buttocks or a butt augmentation with silicone implants. The indication for one procedure or the other will come from the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. 

So, what happens after making the decision to get a bigger butt? You schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeon you have selected to perform the procedure, and get ready to ask and answer lots of questions! 

The pre-operative consultation for butt augmentation surgery will start with discussing your goals and expectations, as well as the reasons for wanting to resort to plastic surgery. After this, there will be a physical examination of your body and the tissues of the buttocks. The plastic surgeon will also measure your weight and height in the process of examining you, as well as take different measurements of the buttocks. Only then can the surgeon give some recommendations about the suitable surgical method that is recommended for your particular case. 

If you have a small, flat butt and little fat tissue in your body, the indicated procedure will be butt implant surgery. However, if you have unwanted fat deposits in different areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction, the plastic surgeon might recommend fat transfer. Also, it is possible for both procedures to be recommended and performed in combination if the patient doesn’t have too much fat and would also like an improvement in the hips as fat transfer can also be done to it.

Now, let’s discuss each procedure and what can be the appearance of the buttocks post-op:

Butt augmentation with silicone implants

When the plastic surgeon recommends using silicone implants to enhance the size of the buttocks, you should know that the implants are inserted in the upper part of the buttocks where the gluteal muscles are. This means that the surgeon will make incisions in the intragluteal fold and create pockets in the gluteal muscles or under the muscles. Usually, the former placement is preferred as it allows for a good coverage of the implants. After the implants are inserted, the incisions are closed with sutures and the procedure is considered completed. 

The appearance of the buttocks after butt augmentation with silicone implants is bigger and with an impressive projection. Of course, the level of the augmentation achieved is dependent on the volume of the implants. But because the implants are inserted inside the gluteal muscles, the augmentation mostly affects the upper part of the buttocks, creating a good projection. Butt implants can’t be inserted in any other area of the buttocks, so enhancing the sides of the butt or the lower part with implants is not possible. This means that patients undergoing this procedure need to understand that the augmentation achieved is actually a considerable increase in the projection of the buttocks. 

After getting implants, the buttocks will look toned and firm, like the patient has been working out at the gym all her life.

Butt augmentation with fat transfer

Butt augmentation with a transfer of fat entails a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. This procedure is preferred by patients who have unwanted fat deposits in their bodies and also want a more moderate increase in the size of the buttocks. Keep in mind that the appearance of the buttocks with fat transfer is not comparable with butt implants. 

When fat transfer to the buttocks is performed, the surgeon will start the procedure with a lipo session on the donor areas. This means that areas such as the abdominal wall and the flanks, but also the thighs or back, can be targeted with liposuction. Areas with a more considerable layer of fat will be preferred as the plastic surgeon needs to get enough fat for transfer to the buttocks. 

There is a maximum amount of fat that can be safely removed in one liposuction session, and this is about six to seven liters. More than this and the procedure is not safe for the patient, and an imbalance in the fluids of the body could trigger a shock that might be life-threatening for the patient. 

After being extracted with liposuction, the fat is processed and purified in a centrifugation process and then reinjected into the buttocks. The injection of fat can be done in all areas of the buttocks and at different depths to ensure the survival of fat. This means that the surgeon will also inject the sides and the lower part of the butt to achieve a good, symmetric and aesthetic result. 

At the same time, it is common for patients undergoing this procedure to get fat injected into their hips as well. This part of the procedure is performed with the aim of helping the patient get an hourglass figure with curves in all the right places. The appearance of the buttocks after butt augmentation with fat is slightly smaller but rounder and more curvaceous due to the transfer of fat to the hips. Keep in mind that fat transfer to the hips is not a part of fat transfer to the buttocks, but can be performed in combination. 

Butt augmentation with implants and fat transfer

The plastic surgeon might recommend the patient to get both implants and a fat transfer in the same sitting, and the reality is that it is this procedure that will deliver the most impressive aesthetic results. When combining methods, we get not only a bigger butt but also the roundness and perkiness specific to using fat injections. At the same time, the patient doesn’t have to have the amount of fat needed for a complete fat transfer procedure. Just a fraction of the fat will be needed as implants will give the butt volume, and fat will just refine the results. This means that the procedure is suitable even for patients who don’t have too much excess fat in the body but could do with a liposuction on those areas. 

The appearance of the buttocks after butt augmentation with implants and fat injections is probably the best. The results are completely natural due to the use of fat, and the augmentation can be considerable due to the use of implants. Moreover, the results of this combined procedure are easily sustainable over time, even if the patient will suffer slight weight fluctuations as not all the volume in the buttocks will be lost. The implants will keep the volume of the buttocks while there might be a loss in the volume of the fat cells transplanted if the patient loses weight. 

If you want to know what procedure would be best for your particular case, get in touch with a plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation to discuss the methods we described above in detail. 


As we have discussed in this article, the appearance of the buttocks after butt augmentation surgery is dependent on the technique used. There are three options that could be recommended for patients who want to improve the aesthetics and size of the buttocks such as butt implants, fat transfer, and the combination of fat transfer with silicone implants.

Generally speaking, butt implants are recommended for patients who want a more considerable increase in the projection of the buttocks. Fat transfer provides a moderate augmentation but can address the lower part of the buttocks as well as the sides, unlike silicone implants. 

The best results are probably achieved by combining the two procedures. In this manner, we get the impressive augmentation due to the volume added by the implants, but the natural-looking results and perkiness thanks to the use of fat transfer. At the same time, we can address the hips with fat transfer to completely change the outlok of the patient’s silhouette for the better.

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