The aspect of the breasts after the breast lift surgeryâ 

The aspect of the breasts after the breast lift surgeryâ 

18th Mar 2020

The aspect of the breasts after the breast lift surgery 


Many women with breast ptosis come to the plastic surgeon’s office to get breast implants to correct the aspect of their breasts only to find out during the preoperative consultation that they would actually need a different procedure performed. Because the breast lift surgery is not as often performed as the most wanted breast augmentation with implants, some patients interested in the procedure might not know what to expect in terms of the aspect of the breasts after the breast lift surgery.

An important thing to understand from the beginning is that the final results of the procedure will transpire three to six months after the procedure was performed and not immediately after the intervention. What will happen after the breast lift surgery is performed is that your breasts will be higher on the chest wall, but also swollen and bruised. If you had multiple incisions performed at the level of the breasts when the procedure was performed, they might also look red and not very appealing. However, these are just the initial results and side effects that can occur after undergoing any type of surgical interventions. 

When the mastopexy surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform a complex technique that includes detaching the skin envelope of the breasts from the mammary gland to be able to recenter the glandular tissue and concentrate it higher on the chest wall. The excess of skin present at the level of the breasts will be excised and the incisions sutured, in the last stage of the procedure. As you can see, the procedure is rather invasive and complex, so it is normal for the tissues of the breasts to take a while to heal after the intervention is performed. Generally speaking, the recovery period after the breast lift surgery is of no more than two weeks. After this time, patients can resume most of their activities and also work, but still need to avoid strenuous physical activities and sports for at least another month or two.

The aspect of the breasts after the breast lift surgery is also dependent on how committed the patient is to follow the post-operative recommendations of the plastic surgeon. Even if the procedure was performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with great results, if the patient doesn’t avoid sleeping on the tummy for a minimum of three weeks, smoking and lifting heavy objects, the results can be compromised. Wearing the special post-op bra will also help in reducing the post-op swelling and enhancing the results achieved with the intervention.

If the procedure was successful, the patient would enjoy having perky breasts, that have a normal position on the chest wall. More than this, the nipple and areola complex will be in harmony with the rest of the new aspect of the breasts, and the nipples will be facing forward. 

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