The Basic Breast Lift in Katy, TX

The Basic Breast Lift in Katy, TX

05th May 2013

Full and lifted breasts tend to signify youthfulness. However, as we age the female breasts may sag and droop – losing their natural youthful shape and firmness in the process. If you are going through shape and form changes in your breasts, then you may want to consider undergoing a breast lift surgery or mastopexy. In Katy, Texas, Dr. Cortés offers mastopexy operations using state-of-the-art surgical devices and innovative techniques in cosmetics.

Aging and pregnancy are primarily the two natural processes that may bring about loosening of the breast skin. Eventually, the skin may lose a significant level of elasticity which may lead to downward-pointing or uneven nipples and excessively large areolas. (The areola is the colored area surrounding the breast’s nipple.) The mastopexy surgery is intended to raise the nipples and reshape the drooping breasts. This can be accomplished by removing excess breast skin and then elevating the nipple to a higher position. After that, Dr. Cortés will do internal breast reshaping to make the breasts appear fuller and shapelier. If done right, the breast lift surgery will go a long way to improve your overall body contour and consequently your self-esteem.

At his Katy Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Cortés utilizes minimally invasive techniques in performing mastopexy surgeries. He prefers recent surgical techniques that are designed to produce less scarring and a faster recovery period. Like most plastic surgeries, mild to moderate discomfort can be expected after the mastopexy surgery. In five to ten days, however, the typical swelling and bruising are expected to dissipate. In the four weeks following surgery, patients are highly advised to wear a support brassiere.

If necessary for some patients, the Board-Certified Surgeon will recommend combining breast augmentation and lift surgeries in a single operation. This type of surgery combination is ideal for patients with sagging and low (or decreased) volume breasts. When a breast implant is performed together with mastopexy, the whole operation may take about three to four hours.

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