The brazilian butt lift: how to have a firmer butt

The brazilian butt lift: how to have a firmer butt

13th May 2016

Lately, the butt has become one of the most popular parts of a woman’s body. The fascination with breasts is still present, but ever since Jennifer Lopez showed up and showed her butt aroundshutterstock_3568421, women and men alike have fallen victim to the appeal of a big, round, firm butt.

Unfortunately, not all women have butts worthy to be on the cover of a glossy magazine. Fortunately, there are solutions for these women too!

There could be different aspects that make you unhappy with your posterior. The buttocks may be too wide or covered with cellulite marks, the skin may be sagging—the list can go on for pages. But, as we have already mentioned, the good news is that plastic surgery can come to your rescue with a popular and in-demand procedure: the Brazilian butt lift.

Get ready for a Brazilian butt lift

Over the years, to cater to patients’ needs and requests, plastic surgery has come up with different cosmetic treatments to enhance or diminish specific parts of the body. The most common plastic surgery procedure is, without a doubt, breast enhancement surgery, but the Brazilian butt lift is getting more and more well-known and desired all over the world.

So, if you’re looking for a firmer, rounder, and bigger behind and don’t have the patience to get it through tedious exercise at the gym, you will be happy to know you can have the butt of your dreams in one to three hours or so. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon extracts fat from different areas of your body using liposuction, and then this fat is injected into your butt cheeks. Areas of sagging skin will be lifted to improve the tone and the shape of your posterior.

While there is no guarantee that the Brazilian butt lift procedure will improve the appearance of cellulite on your buttocks, there are patients who have been happy to report that cellulite is barely visible after the procedure.

To have the Brazilian butt lift, you will need to have some fat deposits so that the plastic surgeon can extract the fat required for enhancing your buttocks. Usually, the fat is extracted from areas like the thighs, back, abdomen, flanks, and waist, giving the body improved contours. Your plastic surgeon will discuss these aspects of the Brazilian butt lift with you before the procedure is performed, and you will know exactly where the fat will be sourced.

With silicone buttock implants, you have an idea of how much bigger your behind will get; with the Brazilian butt lift, the improvement will be visible and noticeable, but we can’t guarantee a certain size or shape of the buttock. Nevertheless, the results of the Brazilian butt lift are impressive and look natural, and you can be proud of your new buttocks with no silicone included.

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