The brazilian butt lift results after weight loss

The brazilian butt lift results after weight loss

01st Apr 2018

The Brazilian butt lift is an effective plastic surgery option for women who wish to enhance their derrières. The procedure uses your own body fat to add projection to your buttocks, as well as to make them curvy and shapely. If you are unhappy with your small, flat, or saggy buttocks, then the Brazilian butt lift may just be the solution you need. This procedure can help restore your aesthetic appearance and ultimately your self-esteem.

The Brazilian buttock lift surgery is recommended for women who experienced weight loss, which may have affected the size and shape of their buttocks. Nevertheless, it is also perfect for patients who simply want to achieve their aesthetic goals, so they can have a derrière to rival Kim Kardashian’s and other curvaceous celebrities.


The Brazilian butt lift procedure can be tailored to cater to the needs and goals of each patient. After the butt lift surgery, your buttocks will become large, shapely, and of course, sexy. It is important, however, to understand and accept that the Brazilian butt lift results will change if you lose weight. The fat injected inside your buttocks behaves just like the existing fat inside of your body. As you lose weight, you lose fat. Thus, if you shed weight after the surgery, your buttocks may lose some of the projection and shape that you attained with the procedure.

Relationship between Brazilian butt lift and your weight

In order to qualify for the Brazilian butt lift surgery, you must be at a stable weight. As aforementioned, change in weight after the surgery can reverse the aesthetic outcome of the procedure. Normally, plastic surgeons advise potential candidates of the Brazilian butt lift procedure who have experienced drastic weight loss to wait for at least a year before undergoing the surgery. During this time, you should be able to stabilize your weight.

It is also important for the patients to have a plan to keep their weight stable after the surgery.

On the other hand, extremely slim patients will not qualify for the Brazilian butt lift because they lack donor fat in their bodies. During the surgery, liposuction will be used to remove unwanted fat from other parts of your body for transfer to the buttocks. For this reason, the ideal candidate has surplus fat in her abdomen, sides, flanks, upper and lower back, love handles and/or thighs. Women who lack fat are advised to either gain weight before the surgery or get buttock implants instead.

There are many women who wrongly believe that the Brazilian butt lift will help them lose weight because it involves liposuction. Patients should know that neither the Brazilian butt lift nor liposuction is a weight loss method. You are required to maintain a stable weight after the surgery because weight fluctuations negatively affect the results you acquired with the Brazilian butt lift.

Also, if you have lost a lot of weight you might need an excisional lift prior to injecting fat. This will simply depend on the amount of skin you have.

How weight loss affects results achieved with Brazilian butt lift

Some of the results achieved with the Brazilian butt lift are immediately apparent after the surgery. However, a complete display of the aesthetic improvements may not become apparent until the surgical area has fully healed and the inflammation has gone. In some cases, it may take you a year to see the intervention’s full outcome because your body may consume some amount of the fat injected into your butt. As you recover after the procedure, your self-esteem will increase.

The aesthetic improvements gained with the Brazilian butt lift are sustainable as long as you stick to a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a stable weight is the key here because weight loss after the surgery can have negative consequences for the achieved results.

While the outcome of the surgery is permanent and you may not require future touch-ups, if you undergo drastic weight loss, you may need to revisit your plastic surgeon. As mentioned earlier, the fat injected into your buttocks during the Brazilian butt lift acts like any other fat in your body. Gaining weight after the surgery will make your butt grow larger while losing weight will make them smaller and flatter.

In order to understand why the Brazilian butt lift results change after weight loss, you must understand how the fat injected in your butt behaves. After inserting fat inside of your bottom, it starts getting blood supply. The blood supply injects new life into the fat, so it becomes active and alive. Finally, the fat starts to behave like other fat cells inside of your body.

The fat cells will expand when they get more nutrients and they will shrink when the flow of nutrients decreases. When you experience massive weight loss, the effects are felt across your body, including your butt. The fat cells in the buttocks will shrink, leading to a decrease in their projection, and a change in their shape.

Furthermore, when you gain weight, the fat cells in any part of your body will expand and grow, including the fat injected in your buttocks. They will continue to expand as you continue to add weight. After reaching a certain limit, they will start to multiply. New fat cells will now start to grow. The expansion of the existing cells, and the birth and growth of the new fat cells will make your derrière larger.


The Brazilian butt lift is a type of buttock enhancement procedure that adds projection, volume and shape to the buttocks. The procedure delivers impressive and effective results if performed by an experienced and Board-Certified plastic surgeon. It involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your rear end.

The aesthetic results achieved with the Brazilian butt lift are permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight. In other words, if you experience weight change after the surgery, your buttocks will change in volume and shape. Experiencing drastic weight loss after the procedure can have negative effects on your buttocks.

Your butt would not only lose volume and projection, but the shape and the curves you achieved through the surgery will disappear after massive weight loss. This happens because the fat injected in your buttocks acts just like other fat cells in your body. It is, therefore, important to stick to a healthy lifestyle and maintain a stable weight after the Brazilian butt lift.

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