The change in your breasts after implant removal

The change in your breasts after implant removal

27th Sep 2017

Even though breast implants boast a history of delivering impressive results, there are many women who want to have their implants removed months or years after getting them. The majority of these women opt to undergo the explant surgery due to health and aesthetic problems resulting from the presence or position of the implants. Breast implant removal should be treated as a last resort, as there are many risks and complications associated with an explant surgery.

Many patients undergo the explant procedure to treat a capsular contracture, which is a condition that happens when the capsule that normally develops around the implants starts to harden and contract. Capsular contracture is not only physically painful but can also squeeze the implant, changing the breast shape. Removal of the implant can provide both physical and emotional relief for the patient.

Moreover, a breast implant rupture and leakage can alter the outline and shape of the breasts. If you have silicone implants, the change will happen gradually. In the case of a saline implant, the change will be abrupt. Breast removal surgery can help treat the condition.

After removing the breast implant, your breast will witness dramatic changes. The aesthetic features and outlines of your breast will disintegrate after the removal of the implant. This is why surgeons always stress that breast implant removal should be a last resort. A better option is to remove and replace the breast implants, instead of just removing them.

Changes to expect

Once the implants are taken out, your breasts will naturally decrease in size. Removing the implants makes the skin loose and unties the corresponding filaments that were pushed out by the breast implants.

While the majority of patients seek implant replacement after removal, there are some patients who want to simply remove the implants without replacing them. This can be problematic, as implant removal without replacement triggers the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles on the breasts, in addition to making the breasts saggy and loose.

There is also a probability that the breasts may change in symmetry. If the implants are placed under or inside the breast muscle, there is a risk that the breasts will be distorted. Instead of removing the implants, you should have them replaced in order to avoid any undesirable changes in your breasts.

Studies indicate that a majority of patients are concerned about the changes in their breasts after removing breast implants. One study probed 57 patients who underwent breast implant removal surgery and did not get new implants. 50 percent were saddened and upset about the look of their breasts after implant removal.

Reinstating the breast shape and outline after breast implant removal surgery can be a very challenging task for plastic surgeons. The latest concept of using a concealed derma glandular pedicle to reform the breast is not used extensively by plastic surgeons. Moreover, the derma glandular pedicle can be used to restore the breast shape effectively in some patients but may not be possible in others. It is important to understand that an explant surgery not only leads to a decrease in the size of the breasts but also makes the breasts saggy, flat, and loose.

Breast size and shape after explant

If you have your breast implants removed without replacing them, your breasts will change in shape and size. The breasts will lose perkiness and over time, also change in delineation, capacity, and silhouette. In short, removing your breast implants without replacing them will undo all the results of the original breast augmentation procedure and render your initial goals pointless.

Breast symmetry changes

After taking out the implants, your breasts may become asymmetrical. One of your breasts may be different from the other in terms of shape, size, or position. These changes can be substantial if your surgeon removes extra breast tissue in combination with a capsulectomy surgery.


The majority of patients experience mental and emotional uneasiness in the aftermath of breast implant removal without replacement. Many patients dislike the appearance of their breasts after implant removal surgery, but you can avoid dissatisfaction by replacing the older implants with newer ones, or by undergoing breast lift surgery.

Many surgeons recommend the use of fat transfer to their breasts following an implant removal procedure. This is also an effective option. The procedure involves the removal of extra, unwanted fat from different areas of your body through liposuction and transferring the fat to your breasts.


Breast implant removal introduces undesirable changes to your breasts in terms of shape and size. Your breasts will become loose and saggy after the surgery. Also, cellulitis, wrinkles, and other undesirable features will soon appear after breast implant removal.

You can avoid these charges by opting to replace the removed implants with newer ones. This will ensure that the aesthetic results and features of your breasts are retained. Other options to keep your breasts enhanced after implant removal include a breast lift and fat transfer procedure. However, you should remember that your breasts will not always appear the same. Replacing the implants can restore many of the qualities that result from a breast explant procedure.

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