The contraindications for butt implant surgery

The contraindications for butt implant surgery

17th Apr 2017

Butt implant surgery effectively augments the buttocks and makes it look more attractive. Through this procedure, implants will be inserted in each butt cheek to cause the augmentation. It is normal to feel tight in the buttocks, especially when the implants are placed under the muscles or within the muscles. This is because the muscles are still adapting to the implants. They are not as elastic as the skin.

Although this procedure successfully augments the buttocks, there are contraindications that patients should first know. Contraindications are conditions in which the butt implant surgery isn’t advised for the patient. This is because the procedure can lead to more harm than good for the patient’s body.

Surgeons will first assess the patient to make sure they don’t have any of the contraindications for butt implant surgery. A medical history would be asked and this helps figure out any disease or disorder the patient has. If a patient has a blood clotting disorder, they will be contraindicated for the procedure. Sometimes, a blood test would also help surgeons know about the patient’s health condition.

Aside from blood clotting disorders, patients who have a tendency of forming keloidal or hypertrophic scars have relative contraindications. The butt implant procedure involves making an incision on the buttocks, and it is possible the resulting scar will be bigger than usual. A better solution would be to go through a Brazilian butt lift. Instead, this also helps augment the buttocks without having to make a larger incision.

Obese patients are also contraindicated for the procedure because of the higher risk of developing complications. There is also a greater force that the buttock region receives that is why they are more likely to develop incision problems. Those who also have conditions such as heart diseases and uncontrolled diabetes are also contraindicated. Diabetic patients are more likely to develop infections. In addition to diseases, those who are also in a poor state of health are contraindicated not only for butt implant surgery but for other cosmetic surgeries as well.

Those who don’t have realistic expectations about the surgery are also contraindicated for the procedure. Surgeons should make patients understand what realistic results look like depending on the body of the patient. Only when they do should surgeons perform the procedure for them. This is to help make sure they lessen those who are not satisfied with the results of their surgeries, even if the procedures yielded positive results. Patients should understand the surgery doesn’t necessarily change the buttocks drastically. Instead, the procedure improves the previous appearance of the buttocks. Some are drastic improvements while others may also be not as drastic.

Patients who are not in a stable state of mental health are also contraindicated for the procedure. Some patients who get addicted to having cosmetic surgery are mostly those who have an unstable mental state. They always seem to want more even if the results of their procedures are already good. Going through one surgery is risky enough and going through cosmetic surgeries at multiple times is more dangerous. This is why cosmetic surgery shouldn’t just be done on a whim.

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