The dangers of liquid silicone injection in the buttocks

The dangers of liquid silicone injection in the buttocks

27th May 2016

The big buttock trend is not news anymore; we have been seeing it and living it for quite some time now. Some will try to get a big behind by doing excruciating exercises daily or visiting the gym multiple times a day; shutterstock_88256029others will combine the advantages of plastic surgery with a gym routine to get better results in less time.

But, over the years we have all witnessed the disastrous effects of trying to get the perfect buttocks in no time at all and with the help of untrained personnel. “Bootylicious” has taken on a whole new meaning after seeing how people have ended up dead after trying illegal methods performed by people with no medical training or experience. There are probably women out there who would still take extreme measures to improve the shape and size of their bodies, like having silicone injections in the buttocks, completely dismissing doctors’ recommendations and warnings about the dangers of doing so.

The best and safest way to get better-looking buttocks is to see a plastic surgeon; there are just no two ways about this. There are two main methods of buttock enhancement: implants and autologous fat transfer. The implants are very similar to breast implants, and their popularity has been on the rise in the States during the last few years. Fat transfer, also known as the Brazilian lift, is a bit more complicated. The procedure requires fat to be extracted from another area of your body through liposuction; after being processed, the same fat is transferred to the buttocks to create a shapely bottom. Both methods are perfectly safe, and the doctor will recommend one or the other depending on your expectations after the surgery and the characteristics of your body (you might be too thin to get the fat from some other area of the body).

Illegal silicone injections in the buttocks are not an alternative to these plastic surgery procedures. They are an unsafe method that can get the patient killed, or produce other complications like embolism, granulomas, and chronic pain.

You might ask why people still do the illegal silicone injections when they know the dangers. The problem is that the victims take for reference the buttocks of other people who have been through this, usually on the black market. Initially, after the silicone injections, the buttocks can look fantastic, but problems will appear sooner or later; sometimes it can take as long as a few years to see the side effects. Black-market silicone can do tremendous damage when inside the body. Many people who have had the illegal procedure complain about burning sensations in other areas of the body and excruciating pain. Silicone can indeed migrate once hardened inside the body, putting the individual at risk for other health conditions. There are also people who have invested a lot of money in black-market silicone injections, only to admit years later that they are very fortunate to be alive, even if their buttocks are deformed now.

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