The dangers of silicone injection in the buttocks

18th Oct 2018

Silicone injection is a very common product used for an illegal buttock augmentation. This product has been used in the past for augmenting the buttocks and the hips. You need to clearly understand that illegal foreign substances like silicone is not a good option for buttock augmentation. It has not been approved by the FDA for use in humans. The silicone I am referring to here is liquid silicone, and I am not talking about a breast implant filled with silicone. Breast implant and/or buttock implants are safe because they are very cohesive compared to the liquid implant. One of the most serious complications of buttock augmentation with silicone is necrosis of the skin secondary to inflammation and thrombosis of the vessel, etc. If you look at this patient, she had silicone injected years ago and she came to my clinic with very dark colored buttocks. What you can see here is that the skin is completely dead. Necrosis refers to the death of a body tissue, which happens when the blood flow is blocked or impaired. Her buttock is super hard. This is possibly one of the worst silicone injections in the buttock that I have seen and is a tangible remainder of the dangers of using unknown and illegal substances like liquid silicone to augment the buttocks. The only safe procedure for butt augmentation without using implants would be fat transfer. Indeed, silicone might be an attractive option since it is initially the cheaper option in the underground world, but the resulting complications are severe, which would require complex and multiple surgeries to fix, not to mention the real likelihood of deformities and infection for the rest of your life. At its very worse, it can be fatal. Believe you me, your life and safety cannot be exchanged for a bargain that has been proven highly dangerous and deadly.

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