The desire for augmented breasts

The desire for augmented breasts

18th Aug 2016


Breast augmentation is quite a controversial topic, whether in forums or the media as a whole. People like to find out those who have had any work done. Sometimes breast augmentation is a necessity, other times it is simply a desire to impress. We often find ourselves going through magazines or newspapers debating whether a celebrity improved the appearance of her breasts through plastic surgery.

Lately, we hear more and more in the media about revolutionary breast augmentation methods, such as using stem cells, the lipo filling with own fat and hyaluronic acid injections. Consequently, there are more solutions to consider aside from the traditional breast augmentation method. However, this doesn’t make the breast augmentation surgery any less efficient because it still provides impressive results.

Furthermore, breast augmentation with stem cells and the other techniques mentioned are all relatively new. Because of this, these new procedures haven’t been performed enough for us to really know the risks involved or how permanent the results are. With implants, the procedure has been performed for over 50 years now, thus we have seen everything that could happen before, during and after the surgery. This enables surgeons to give the patient complete information about what to expect from the surgery.


Breast augmentation through stem cells and fat

Breast augmentation using stem cells and fat is a new surgical intervention that involves the use of cells from the patient’s body to enhance and give firmness to the breasts. It is a rather complex process since the fat needs to be extracted from the donor areas (usually the abdomen area or the thighs) through liposuction. Then the next part involves extracting the stem cells from a portion of autologous fat. The concentrated stem cells are then combined with fat and injected to the breasts. The stem cell-enriched fat allows for a longer-lasting result.

Unfortunately, it is a well-known fact that the volume your new breasts can’t be fully controlled or guaranteed since the stem cells have the capacity to multiply to an unlimited number during our lifetime. Cost is another disadvantage to this procedure because it is more expensive than breast implants, even if the breast implants surgery result is permanent.

In addition, the stem cells augmentation is performed over the course of a few months because time is necessary for the cellular regeneration to take place and the formation of new tissue. The problem is that it doesn’t offer any firmness to the breasts and it doesn’t have a breast lifting effect.

On the other hand, the autologous fat transfer to the breasts is performed more often and also offers amazing results at a lower price.


The most recommended breast augmentation technique

The most commonly performed and recommended method for breast augmentation is the one using silicone implants because it has generated the most impressive and immediate results as well as the fact that it is a procedure that has been performed for years.

The silicone implants surgery involves putting mammary implants behind the existing mammary tissue in order to increase the volume and sometimes modify the shape of the breasts. The surgery is performed under general anesthetic. The implant is inserted either behind the mammary gland tissue or the pectoral muscle. One issue that patients might have a problem is that this procedure requires bigger incisions. The incisions can be under the breasts, in the axilla or even around the areola.

The silicone breast implants have been used for decades now. Despite what some still believe, it has no connection to the development of mammary cancer.



Since there are many procedures to choose from, you need to find the most suitable one for you by researching and discussing all the details with your plastic surgeon. Make sure you ask your surgeon to explain in great detail the stages of the intervention in order to ensure the final result is satisfactory and in line with your expectations.

The desire for augmented breasts is nothing new. Women of all ages, social and economic backgrounds are constantly considering different solutions to get the breasts they have always dreamt of. Some new methods for breast augmentation such as stem cells fat transfer and hyaluronic acid augmentation are getting a lot of attention. But you should always keep in mind that these are new methods, meaning they haven’t been tested and performed enough times for you to understand their consequences fully. What we do know for sure now, is that breast augmentation through silicone implants is still the most efficient in terms of providing permanent and impressive results. Weigh in all your options before choosing the procedure!


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