The details of the recovery period after breast lift

The details of the recovery period after breast lift

30th Mar 2019

Recovery period after breast lift


After the breast lift, you will have perkier breasts that are also more elevated on the chest wall. But the final results are not visible immediately afterwards. After the breast lift, there is a recovery period of no longer than two weeks wherein the patient can experience certain normal side effects.


Just like any other surgery, mastopexy is followed by a recovery period. During the first two weeks, the patient can experience a certain level of discomfort. The pain associated with the breast lift is not very intense. In a vast majority of cases it is just a slight discomfort that can be easily alleviated with the help of analgesic medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon.


Aside from the discomfort, swelling and bruising can also naturally occur. The tissues have been sectioned and injured, and it is only natural for them to heal. The edema and bruising after the breast lift can last for a few weeks post-op. During this time the patient is advised to wear a compressive bra, often just a good quality sports bra or a special post-operative bra that can be recommended by the plastic surgeon.


To reduce the swelling, the plastic surgeon might recommend Arnica Montana supplements and also cold compressions to be applied on the breasts. You can get ice packs to apply on your breasts during the first few days post-op, but make sure the ice is not applied directly on the skin of the breasts as this might injure the skin. Always place a dry cotton cloth between the ice packs and the skin of the breasts. Moreover, make sure the operated area is always clean and dry until the surgical incisions heal as otherwise complications such as infections or delayed wound healing can be triggered.


Another important detail you need to keep in mind after the breast lift is to avoid sleeping on the tummy. Sleeping on the tummy can affect the shape and consistency of the breasts in general. However, when it occurs after breast surgery, it can trigger wound opening, and this is a complication we are trying to avoid.


Resuming daily activities after the breast lift often occurs within the first week after the procedure. However, remember that any physically demanding activities should be resumed gradually and only after getting the green light from the plastic surgeon. For example, lifting heavy weights from the floor (such as lifting the children) should be avoided for at least a month or two after the procedure so not to rupture the sutures of the incisions.


During the recovery period after the breast lift, the patient can also experience certain changes in breast sensitivity. Initially, the incision site might be painful, but in time they can become numb. The changes in sensitivity are often temporary and disappear without treatment within the first few months after the procedure. However, in extraordinary circumstances, the changes in breast sensitivity can become permanent. This is a risk of undergoing mastopexy, and patients should be well aware of it before scheduling their procedure.


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