The Faults of Traditional Tummy Tuck

17th May 2017

The tummy tuck is a procedure that is surgically done to improve the appearance of the abdomen following pregnancy or massive weight loss. In this procedure, the excess skin and fat will be removed. In addition, the abdominal muscles will be tightened to create a toned and flatter abdomen. By definition, a traditional tummy tuck is just cutting the excess skin as well as tightening the weakened muscles and removing stretch marks and fat below the belly button and that’s about it. Yes, you are going to have a scar because it is simply impossible to remove your excess skin by any other means. Getting a traditional tummy tuck or any tummy tuck means that your scar stretches from hip to hip. Because of the complexity of the surgery, the recovery period after a tummy tuck will mean a few weeks off work. Let me also put to rest some mistaken notions about a traditional tummy tuck. Many times, patients believe they are going to have a more appealing feminine look just by having a tummy tuck. Alas, this is not the goal of the traditional tummy tuck. The traditional tummy tuck will, in essence, give you a squarer “SpongeBob” look. This is the reason why I have never done a traditional tummy tuck even if I have performed hundreds of tummy tucks. The traditional tummy tuck does not include liposuction or fat transfer to the hip. If you noticed, cutting the excess skin is not going to give you an hourglass shape. For this to happen, it is absolutely necessary to have liposuction to create a tinier waistline. Unless you are naturally endowed with curvy and wide hips, liposuction cannot also give you an hourglass shape. This is why I use the fats removed through liposuction and inject this purified fat into the hip area to fashion an hourglass shape. You need to clearly understand the limitations of the traditional tummy tuck procedure from a surgical standpoint, the scarring, the recovery process, and the look and shape you expect after surgery. Unfortunately, it will not at all be shapely but rather, square shaped. In my long experience with the hour-glass tummy tuck, you can be assured that you will get the hour-glass shape you would be extremely proud of, even if there is no way for me to reduce the length of the scar or shorten your recovery time due to multiple factors beyond my control.

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