The feel and look of a buttock with implants

The feel and look of a buttock with implants

22nd May 2017

The Feel and Look of Buttocks With Implants


The buttock implant surgery is a surgical procedure that deliver a rounder, shapelier and bigger butt where genes, diet or exercise are not able to produce desired results. Gluteal implants are made of a solid silicone gel implant that is soft but very durable too. The rapid growth of implant technology has produced implants that can be custom fitted and have a solid and natural feel that is almost a carbon copy of the tissue it is enhancing. It is inserted to the buttocks just below the skin or even under the muscles. Through this procedure, augmenting the buttocks is possible even if you are too thin for a fat transfer procedure.

One of the many questions asked by those who are considering buttock implants is how it would feel to have them or to touch them. Many are concerned that it might look too obvious or fake. Palpability and visibility of the implant varies and it may also depend on how the procedure is done and the particular bodily structure of the patient.

There are also surgical techniques to make the implants less palpable and less visible. This involves inserting the implants under or within the gluteus maximus muscles, choosing the right size of implants, and fat transfer on top of the implants for volume and curves.

Buttock Implant Surgery

A relatively safe and long lasting way to enhance the appearance of the buttocks is buttock implant surgery. This procedure utilizes soft solid silicone gel that is inserted into each cheek of the buttocks. The implants come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the specific goals of the patient and the body proportion. These implants are also different from that of breast implants because they are sturdier and are made of a solid silicone gel.

For patients who want a rounder and shapelier butt, you can’t get anymore au fait than with a buttock implant surgery. This is the most practical and effective solution for those who want a curvaceous butt but don’t have enough fat in their body to go through a successful fat transfer procedure. Compared to the fat transfer procedure, using butt implants will also produce a more stand out result. The fat transfer would not be able to produce the impressive results that only an implant can do.

One of the main concerns of those who have undergone a butt implant surgery is the result. The success rate of going through the surgery is high and most of those who go through it are satisfied with the results that they get. Please note that after the procedure, there may still be a lot of swelling and it is still possible that the implants have not fully settled but the results are already clearly visible.

Buttocks With Implants

Many people wonder how the implants would feel once they are already inserted into the buttocks. Some also ask if it can be felt when you or your partner touches it. These concerns are quite common and the results will vary from one person to another.

The placement of the butt implants will determine visibility and palpability. The deeper it is, the less palpable and visible it would be. The placement of the butt implants can be done under the skin or as deep as under the muscles. The size of the implants, as well as its hardness, can also cause the implants to be more palpable under the skin and tissues.

When touching the buttocks, it may feel unnatural because there is something firm underneath it. You can rest assured it is not going to affect your sex life. Naturally, it takes some time getting used to a foreign object inside your body but as the implant settles in time, you will also get used to it. There are some who may initially feel that the implants are heavy but again, you get used to it, too.

If the patient really wants a natural looking augmentation, then the surgeon will recommend Autologous Fat Transfer as an alternative to gluteal implants. Just know that while fat transfer augmentation can improve the appearance of the buttocks, the dramatic change that you desire is only possible with implants.

Making Buttock Implants Less Obvious

Although the implants would be felt by the patient and the one who touches the buttocks, some are really not that obvious and people won’t be able to tell unless you reveal it to them. There are also a number of techniques that can be employed to make the buttock implant less obvious such as the following:

  • Position The Implants Under The Muscle: One of the ways to make sure that the implants are less palpable and visible is to place them under or within the gluteus maximus muscles. With this positioning, the implants are less visible, less palpable and less prone to sagging.
  • Choose The Right Size: Getting an overly large implant will surely make your implants palpable and visible especially if the patient is really thin. There will be less skin that can cover the implant and this makes it more obvious. When the implant size is extremely big, it would also be more obvious and unnatural looking.
  • Layer With Fat: Whether you have enough fat or not for the fat transfer buttock augmentation procedure, you can make use of the harvested fat from other parts of your body to shape the lateral part of the buttocks and define the hips. This can make the buttocks look fuller and rounder.


Buttock implant surgery is a great way to make the buttocks rounder, shapelier and more appealing. This surgical procedure augments the buttocks by making use of soft solid silicone implants that can last for a long time. It comes in different shapes and sizes and is the procedure of choice when fat transfer is not possible.

An important concern of those considering butt implant surgery is palpability and visibility. It can be palpable and visible but this would largely depend on the surgery done and the body itself. It can also feel heavy at the outset but in time, you get used to it.

To minimize, visibility and palpability, the implants should be inserted under the muscles, and the appropriate sized implant that is proportional to body structure should be chosen. It is best to avoid overly large implants. It bears pointing out that while results are already remarkable, the traditional butt implant simply increases size and improves shape. To get an even more enhanced look, you can combine with fat transfer to shape the lateral part of the buttocks and create more define the hips.

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