The first three days after fat transfer to the butt

The first three days after fat transfer to the butt

17th Mar 2020


Fat transfer procedures are very much in demand nowadays. They are preferred mostly by women confronted with a little fat surplus in areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, and thighs and with a small butt, breasts or hips. The fat transfer procedure was developed years ago, but nowadays the techniques are refined and ensure achieving spectacular results when performed by an experienced, talented board-certified plastic surgeon. 

The day of the procedure, the patient will be asked not to eat or drink anything for about six to eight hours before the surgery. This instruction is important and will help you avoid potential complications that can result due to the use of a general anesthetic. General anesthesia is preferred when fat transfer is performed as it can last for a few hours. 

The procedure starts with the plastic surgeon performing liposuction on the donor areas. The donor areas are areas of the body with an excess of adipose tissue. In many cases, we are talking about the abdominal area and the flanks, but it can also be the lower and upper back and the thighs, depending on where the plastic surgeon believes he will find enough fat for the transfer. In some cases, the fat can be collected from just one area of the body while in other cases the plastic surgeon will need to perform liposuction in multiple areas. 

After the plastic surgeon is happy with the amount of fat that was collected with liposuction and the areas have been sculpted, the next step is to purify the fat. For this, the plastic surgeon will put the fat through a complex centrifugation process that aims to eliminate the damaged fat cells and also the other impurities and blood. The healthy, pure fat cells that will be left after the purification process will be used for the reinjection into the buttocks. Afterwards, the patient will be able to leave the medical facility within a couple of hours.

The first few days after fat transfer is the most uncomfortable. We can’t say painful as there is no intense pain associated with undergoing this procedure, but there is a certain level of discomfort caused by the fact that the patient can’t sit on the buttocks or lie on the back. The first three days after fat transfer is the period required for the patient to get used to the new shape and size of the buttocks and the post-operative protocols. During this time, the patient is not allowed to smoke, a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is advised, as well as getting off the bed and walking for a few minutes every few hours.


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