The First Week After the Tummy Tuck

18th Oct 2018

Complete recovery after a tummy tuck usually occurs after two months from the surgery, if no complications occur. During this time, it is normal and natural for the patient to experience a certain level of pain and discomfort in the area. To alleviate the pain, medication will be prescribed and should be taken according to the doctor’s recommendation. Antibiotics will also be prescribed to keep the infections at bay, especially during the first week following the surgery.
The first week after the tummy tuck is the most important in the recovery process, but also the most demanding on the patient. Before leaving the medical facility, the patient should make sure to get all information required for the following period: how to walk, how to sleep, how to alleviate the pain, and how to take care of the surgical wound.
The first 48 hours after the tummy tuck is the time when the pain can be more intense, and the patient is usually advised to stay in bed, laying face up to take the prescribed medication. The compressive bandages or garments shouldn’t be taken off and avoiding ample movements with the arms or the feet is also recommended. Among the complications that can occur are wound opening or infection. This is the reason why the doctor’s recommendation should be followed to the letter.
Recommendations for the first week after the tummy tuck include:
– Get as much rest as possible, but don’t stay in bed all day long.
– Don’t remove the girdle or compression clothing; it needs to be worn permanently at this point
– Take your anticoagulant medication if your doctor prescribed it
– Exercise lightly every two hours (short walk around the house)
– Walk with your body bent slightly forward from the middle to avoid opening the surgical wound
– When laying down, choose a position with your body bent forward as it will be easier to rise from the bed without putting too much pressure on the incisions.
Daily activities can be resumed starting the first week, but take it gradually. Driving is usually not recommended during the first week, due to the uncomfortable position. The patient should avoid all intense physical exercises, and the return to work should be postponed until the end of the second week.

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