The ideal age for a breast lift

The ideal age for a breast lift

03rd Mar 2019

The breast lift is the procedure that plastic surgeons recommend for patients who need a correction of their saggy breasts. There are multiple reasons for breast ptosis, which is the medical term used to define the sagginess of the breasts; however, we know for sure that the natural aging process and gravity are among them. This means that with time, most women will be confronted with sagginess of the breasts and in need of a breast lift.

There are women who come to the plastic surgeon’s office for a consultation of breast enhancement procedures. They don’t necessarily know what is the right procedure to correct the imperfections and deliver the breasts of their dreams, but they are often confronted with breast ptosis, whether they know it or not. After 40 years old, it is very common for women to suffer from some level of breast ptosis, be it minor or more severe. The severity of breast sagginess is dependent on other factors and not only the age. This is the reason why we can have very young women with saggy breasts. This is often the case of teenagers with overly large breasts. Generally speaking, when the breasts are naturally on the large side, they often start sagging sooner in the patient’s life. In other words, women can be suffering from a moderate or even severe breast ptosis in their late 20s or 30s if they have overly large breasts.

People associate breast sagginess with old age and to a certain extent, it is a correct assessment. The sagginess of the skin is related to the lack of skin elasticity that occurs with the natural aging process, but this is the case when the condition is generalized and present in other areas of the body, not only on the breast level. Breast ptosis is different from skin sagginess in areas such as the tummy or the arms, and while the ideal age for a tummy tuck and brachioplasty would be over 40 years old, we can perform breast lifts on patients as young as early 30s or even sooner, if the procedure is associated with a breast reduction.

If you were wondering what the ideal age for a breast lift is, there is no simple answer here. Generally speaking, the recommendation of the plastic surgeon would be to schedule the procedure only after reaching a stable weight and keeping it for at least six to eight months, and when you know for sure you don’t want to get pregnant again in the future. But if you are suffering from a severe case of breast ptosis due to the overly large size of your breasts, you can have the procedure sooner in life to correct the imperfection and enjoy a perky appearance of the breasts, as long as you understand that there is a risk for ulterior pregnancy or weight fluctuations that can alter the results.

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