The ideal placement of gluteal implants

The ideal placement of gluteal implants

29th Mar 2020


Nowadays due to the development of plastic surgery, both men and women can augment the size of their rear end with the help of the butt augmentation. There are two types of butt augmentation procedures to increase the size of the buttocks, and the one that is suitable for you will be recommended by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Many patients opt for fat transfer only to discover during the medical examination that they are actually not eligible as there is not enough fat in the donor areas. 

Butt implant surgery is a procedure that is both safe and delivers impressive and permanent results. Unlike breast implants, there is no need to remove and replace butt implants after some years, and the gluteal implants can be kept inside the buttocks permanently. Moreover, they give a natural look and feel to the buttocks as they are created to look just like the muscles of the buttocks. This leads us to a question we often hear during the preoperative consultation: what is the ideal placement for gluteal implants?

Some plastic surgeons are in favor of placing the gluteal implants inside the muscles of the buttocks as there is little place for the implants moving around there, so they are kept in place. Other plastic surgeons recommend the placement of the implants under the gluteal muscles as they say it can get a better coverage. However, generally speaking, the deeper we insert the gluteal implants, the more increased is the risk of injuring the sciatic nerve, and this can result in leg pain and difficulties in walking.

I personally consider the ideal placement of the gluteal implants to be inside the muscles of the buttocks, but it can depend from patient to patient and the volume of the implant the patient wants to use. If there is not enough butt tissue to properly cover for the implants when inserted in a pocket inside the gluteal muscles, a good option would be to contour the buttocks with fat transfer. This means that we can perform the surgery with the placement of the implant inside the muscles and at the same time a fat transfer to get a better shape and provide better coverage for an implant. This combination of procedures often delivers impressive results and can be performed even on patients who don’t have a lot of excess fat in other areas of the body that can be collected with liposuction.

To find out what is the ideal placement of the gluteal implants for your particular case or whether you should have combined butt augmentation procedures to get the results you desire, schedule a meeting with the plastic surgeon.  

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