The importance of choosing the right size of butt implants

The importance of choosing the right size of butt implants

15th Apr 2019



The size and shape of the buttocks hold immense importance in the physical appearance and beauty of people. Women are particularly sensitive to and conscious when it comes to the aesthetic features of the butt. Women with bigger and shapelier buttocks not only appear physically attractive but also look more fertile, sexy, and feminine. Unfortunately, not everyone gets bigger and shapelier derriere naturally.

Many women who have smaller buttocks go through emotional trauma and suffer from lower self-confidence. As such, they explore options to add projection and volume to their backside. The use of buttock implants is a plastic surgery procedure to increase the size of your buttocks. It involves the use of prosthetic objects called implants to deliver the desired results. Implants come in many sizes, and it is essential to choose the right implant size so that you can achieve your aesthetic goals.

There are two significant reasons why you must be sure to choose a suitable butt implant size. These include:


–    To avoid aesthetic complications

When you choose to go under the knife, you desire to have more significant, balanced, and shapelier buttocks. However, selecting the wrong implant size can do the opposite. It can make your buttocks look abnormal and even worse. Butt implants come in different sizes, profiles, and shapes. The size options are enough for many patients to choose from. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone that can effectively bear pressure and avoid rupture. Butt implant size options range from 200cc to 800cc.

The right butt implant size for you depends on many factors. The plastic surgeon will help you choose the implant size during the consultation session. The doctor will examine your derriere, take measurements of your butt dimensions, body size, weight and height, and know your aesthetic goals. Based on what the surgeon determines during the consultation, he will recommend a suitable implant size.

If you want to be rest assured that you will get a suitable butt implant size, you need to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. In case, you select an inexperienced surgeon, there is a risk the wrong implant size may be chosen, which can lead to many aesthetic problems. For this reason, be sure the doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is experienced in performing butt implant surgeries. The aesthetic problems that may result from selecting the wrong butt implant size include the following:


–    Abnormal looking buttocks: If you get an implant size that is not suitable for your body type, butt dimensions and outline, your backside will look abnormal. For example, if you get a huge implant that is not suitable for your buttocks and body outline, your buttocks will appear weird. They will not appear an extension or part of your body. Instead, they would look abnormally huge, separate, and strange objects. When this happens, it will affect your overall body aesthetics. As a result, you will experience additional self-esteem issues and would need to undergo another surgery to get rid of the implants or get suitably sized implants. To avoid this aesthetic complication, you must avoid getting the wrong implant size.

–    Asymmetrical buttocks: Getting very small or huge implants can also make your buttocks asymmetrical or unbalanced. For example, when the buttocks do not go well with your other body features, your overall body would look unbalanced. If you are thin or petite, do not choose huge implants because they would make your buttocks and body appear unbalanced. Instead, go with small or medium-sized implants. They will make your buttocks look balanced and fuller.

–    Butt sagging: Getting huge implants can also lead to buttock sagging. It is notably possible if your skin’s elastin has weakened or you are older. Keep in mind that the implants are inserted and placed inside the buttocks through incisions. If the implant is too large, its extra weight and size will exert pressure on the already weaker skin, which can make the buttocks look saggy. Saggy buttocks are aesthetically undesirable and unwelcoming. They make you look aged and affect your body outline and definition. If you want to prevent this complication, you must work in collaboration with your plastic surgeon to choose a suitable implant size.

If your buttocks have already become saggy due to the use of overly large implants, you should consult with a plastic surgeon to have the condition treated. The treatment may involve replacing the implants with suitably sized implants. A standard butt lift may be required as well in case the sagging is severe.


–    To avoid health problems

Choosing the wrong implant size can also trigger health problems. Some of those problems may be severe, whereas others may not be severe but still would require you to undergo revision surgery to get the issues fixed. To understand the health problems that can be caused by improper butt implant size, you should first know what the operation entails and how it is performed.

The procedure involves incisions on the derriere. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will insert and place the implants inside the buttocks. The implants can be placed within, underneath, or over the buttock muscle. Once the implant is in place, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. Now, when it comes to the improper implant size, the following problems may happen:

–    Capsular contracture: The most severe complication that can occur after getting an improper implant size is capsular contracture. If the implant is too large for your butt dimensions, it can trigger capsular contracture. The implants are inserted and placed inside the buttocks through incisions. After the surgery, the incisions will develop into a scar. When you get an overly large implant, the scar tissue may start to contract. The continuous contraction can squeeze the implant, which can cause physical pain and change the shape of the buttocks.

The pain will become severe over time. To get rid of the pain and restore your butt shape, you will be required to undergo another surgery. During the revision surgery, the plastic surgeon will access the implants by opening the original incisions. The implants will be removed along with the scar tissue. You can choose to get new implants a few months after the surgery.

–    Implant displacement: Another problem that can happen if you get too small or too large implants is implant displacement. When the implants are not suitable for your butt dimensions, they may rotate or change place. As a result of this problem, your buttock shape will change and your buttocks will look abnormal. To fix this condition, you need to undergo corrective surgery during which the surgeon will either remove and replace the implants with suitable ones or put the implants back in an appropriate place and position within the buttocks.

–    Wound dehiscence, bleeding, and infection: Getting very large implants tends to apply more pressure on the incision and strain the skin. When this is combined with carelessness on the part of the patient, it can cause wound splitting, bleeding, and infection. For example, if the patient does physical activities or sits during the first few weeks after the surgery, it can cause opening of the incisions. When the incision opens up, bleeding may occur. There is also a risk that infection may happen due to the wound opening.

To avoid these problems, the patient must be sure the implant size is suitable. Furthermore, the patient must be prudent during the recovery period. You must avoid physical activities for the period recommended by your surgeon. Also, do not sit for the first 2-3 weeks after the surgery. It is also essential to keep the surgical wounds clean. Doing so will prevent possible infections. The plastic surgeon may prescribe certain medications like antibiotics after the surgery. Make it sure to take all your medicines on time.

In case an unsuitable implant size leads to incision splitting and infection, you should seek immediate treatment for the condition. The procedure may include removal of the implants and disinfecting of the infected tissues. If the infection is mild, oral antibiotics will be recommended.



Buttock implants are prosthetic objects made of semi-solid silicone material. They come in different sizes. It is essential to choose the right implant size for you to achieve your aesthetic goals. If you select an implant size that is not suitable for your butt dimension and overall body outline, you may experience cosmetic and health problems. The problems have been discussed above. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will discuss the implant size options with you and help you choose the right implant size.


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