Importance of liposuction during a tummy tuck

Importance of liposuction during a tummy tuck

26th Oct 2016

liposuction after tummy tuckWhen performing a tummy tuck, in my experience, we have to look at the aesthetic units that surround the abdomen to have a good result. Among the most common areas that surgeons do not pay attention to are the flanks and lower back. The abdominal wall boundaries include the lower chest, the flank, the sides, and the pubic area on the inferior part. The fat from the flank area extends from the anterior part of the abdomen all the way to the lower back. If these areas are not liposuctioned, your waist is not going to be as small as you want it; your belly might look good, but when you wear some jeans, you’re going to have a fat roll on the lower back that you dislike. For this reason, in my hourglass tummy tuck technique; I always perform liposuction on the lower back to blend this aesthetic unit to get better results.

In essence, when performing a tummy tuck, it is very important to pay attention to the details that will enhance the tummy tuck. The hourglass tummy tuck recreates the hourglass silhouette by performing liposuction on the lower back and flanks, creating the look of a small waist and wider hips.

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