The importance of following the aftercare indications

The importance of following the aftercare indications

19th Jun 2017

The importance of following the aftercare indicationsWhen you decide to undergo plastic surgery, you basically take a huge leap forward to enhance your aesthetic appearance and emotional health. Plastic surgery not only improves the physical appearance of the patient but also boosts confidence and self-esteem.

After the surgery, your plastic surgeon will provide you detailed instructions for a smooth and safe recovery. It is very important for the patient to strictly follow post-surgical care instructions of the surgeon to ensure proper and faster healing and achieve optimal results. You will also get some prescription medications and pain relief medications to take during the recovery period. Your doctor may prescribe your antibiotics as well, so you can be protected from potential infections.

Depending on the type of plastic surgery procedure, you may be required to wear compression garments or support bra. You should strictly follow your surgeon’s instructions to have a safe and comfortable recovery as well as better, long-term results. If you fail to take care of yourself properly, you run the risk of developing serious complications like infections, seroma, incision split, and increased hyper-inflammation.

A lot of patients become too obsessed with how they would look after surgery that they fail to prepare for the physical and emotional discomforts common during the recovery period. When this happens, it can be a rude awakening for the patient who fails to understand that proper aftercare indications is crucial to the healing process and can affect outcomes.

It is important to take the medications according to your doctor’s instructions so your wounds can heal quickly and properly. Depending on your surgery type, you may experience pain, which can be managed with painkillers. If the swelling expands beyond the surgical area, be sure to contact your surgeon. Your doctor may also tell you to apply cold compression to the surgical site a few days after the procedure. Moreover, the swelling can be managed by keeping the surgical site elevated.

You should also be careful when going out in the sun for the first six months after your plastic surgery procedure. Do not expose your wounds to direct sunlight. Be sure to cover the surgical area when you go out in the sun, because sun exposure can negatively affect the wound healing and lead to unfavorable scarring. After the surgery, the surgeon can leave drain tubes at the surgical site. The cannulas are meant to drain away any bloodstained fluids that may build up in the incisions or under the skin.

If you’ve had procedures like buttock enhancement, tummy tuck, and breast enhancement, you’d be required to take a lot of rest and avoid work and other routine activities for the first 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Avoid strenuous activities like sports, running, jumping, weight lifting, and intense workouts for the first one month after the surgery, because these activities can adversely affect and impede the healing process.


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