The importance of girdles after liposuction

The importance of girdles after liposuction

15th Mar 2017

The-importance-of-girdles-after-liposuctionIf we were to make a list of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States and the world, liposuction would get one of the first positions. And it is easy to see why, since we all know that fat deposits on the abdomen, knees, or thighs are incredibly hard to get rid of through exercise and diet. Some of us, despite our best efforts—exercise with a professional trainer, a diet suggested by an experienced nutritionist, and a balanced lifestyle—still are unable to remodel our bodies into the shape we would like to have. Some areas of the body just have fat deposits that won’t go away no matter what. That is when we need the help of a plastic surgeon and liposuction.

There are areas of the body where fat deposits are almost impossible to eliminate by doing regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. More than this, the adipose tissue in those areas tends to increase with time and aging instead of shrinking. When this happens, liposuction is a sure bet to get rid of the unwanted fat deposits and remodel your body in your desired image.

The benefits of the liposuction procedure not only include body remodeling, a better-looking silhouette, and smooth and firm body contours, but also, due to the short duration of the intervention, fast post-operative recovery and an almost complete absence of visible scars. Because the liposuction procedure is quite minimally invasive, the psychological stress on the patient is significantly reduced, and the healing process mostly takes place in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Within a few days of the surgery, the patient can return to work, with the only recommendation being that he or she should avoid any physical efforts for a few weeks. While day-to-day life can be resumed within a few days after the liposuction procedure, there are doctor’s recommendations that will need to be followed for a longer period of time to ensure a proper recovery.

One of the most important recommendations is to wear the girdle after the liposuction for the period the doctor suggests. It can be for as little as two weeks or as long as a few months if the doctor thinks it is necessary, depending on each patient’s condition. While some patients might complain about the need to wear a girdle, this is an important step in the recovery process. The girdle can help decrease swelling and lumpiness and also prevent contour deformities.

Some patients give up on the girdle and deem it unnecessary long before the doctor’s suggested deadline, but this is not a smart move. The compression girdle is important, and without it the healing process can be delayed. Wearing the girdle is not uncomfortable, although sometimes it is possible for the girdle to be too tight. If you feel discomfort while wearing the girdle, consult your doctor about it, but don’t take it off, unless your doctor advises you to do so.

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