The importance of good skin tonus before breast lift surgery

The importance of good skin tonus before breast lift surgery

05th Mar 2019

If your breasts are saggy and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider the breast lift surgery. A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can restore the perkiness, youthfulness, and firmness of your breasts. The surgery does so by removing the excess skin from the breasts, tightening the separated breast muscles, and lifting the nipple and areola to a higher position.

There are certain prerequisites for breast lift surgery. In order to be a good candidate for the procedure, you must have good skin tonus. In other words, your skin must be elastic enough to prevent further breast sagginess after the operation.

Breast lift procedure and importance of good skin tonus

If you want to know the importance of good skin before breast lift surgery, you must know what the surgery involves and what you should expect after the procedure. Every year, tens of thousands of women undergo breast lift to restore their firmer breasts. In order to identify with the modern standards of physical beauty, women are expected to have firmer, perky, and youthful breasts.

A breast lift is known as a reliable procedure to treat loose and hanging breasts. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia. The breast lift is a major operation and involves relatively more surgical trauma. The surgery starts with placing the incision on the breast.

There are different techniques to place the incision, and the type of incision will determine how your breasts appear and how the scars develop. Which incision technique is best for you depends on your skin tonus, elasticity, the aesthetic flaws, and your aesthetic goals.

The plastic surgeon will then use the incision to change the position of the nipples and areolas. The surgeon does this to make your nipples and areolas lifted and youthful. The doctor will specifically do this if there is more sagging in your breasts and the nipples are pointing down. If the areolas have enlarged, the surgeon will remove them.

Next, the doctor will tighten the separated and loosened breast muscle. In the last step, the doctor will remove the excess skin from the breasts, re-drape the skin, and suture and close the incisions. The suturing is crucial to the achievement of the desired outcomes, and the tonus of the skin determines whether the results are sustainable.

What if your skin has poor suppleness?

Generally, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts during the initial consultation. Besides looking at the extent of sagginess in the breasts, the surgeon will assess your skin tonus. There are certain factors that affect the tonus of the skin.

The most powerful among these are aging, weight changes, and pregnancy. These factors can damage the skin elasticity and tonus. If the extent of damage of the skin tonus is severe, you may not be a good candidate for the procedure because your breasts will become saggy again soon. In order to achieve sustainable and long-term results with breast lift surgery, the candidate must have good skin tonus.

There is also a genetic tendency among many women to have poor skin tonus. If someone in your close family has poor skin tonus, there is a risk your skin may also have poor tonus. This would become apparent gradually. If you undergo the breast lift surgery without good skin tonus, the results will not last long.

Even though most patients achieve better outcomes with breast lift surgery, almost all of them experience some sagginess in their breasts as they age. However, their breasts look firmer and youthful than their age-counterparts who didn’t undergo the procedure.

If you undergo the breast lift surgery with poor skin tonus, your breasts will soon look as saggy as the breasts of your age counterparts who didn’t undergo the procedure. This is the reason why it is asserted that you should have good skin tonus to be a good candidate for breast lift and to achieve long-lasting outcomes with the procedure.

It is important to understand that the skin tonus is shaped by the collagen production in your body. There are many patients who assume the breast lift reinstates the normal collagen production in your skin. In reality, this isn’t the case. The breast lift surgery simple removes the excess, saggy skin from the breasts and tightens the breast muscles. If your skin tonus is not good enough, the risk of saggy breasts returning will always be there.

When aging combines with poor skin tonus after the breast lift, the breasts will become excessively saggy over time. The force of gravity can further aggravate the situation. Moreover, there are many patients who experience pregnancy after undergoing the breast lift surgery. It is always advised that you should undergo breast lift after your family is complete and you have no plan of getting pregnant again. Poor skin tonus and pregnancy after breast lift will completely obliterate the achieved outcomes.

If you want to avoid excessively saggy breasts after a breast lift surgery, you must keep your weight stable, avoid getting pregnant, wear appropriate bras and avoid activities that involve more breast movements.


Having good skin tonus is extremely important to qualify for the breast lift surgery. The procedure removes the excess skin from the breasts, which means if you have poor skin tonus, the breasts will become saggy again. The surgery is not beneficial in the long run for patients who have poor skin tonus.

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