The importance of listening to the plastic surgeon’s advice

The importance of listening to the plastic surgeon’s advice

17th Feb 2017

Successful plastic surgery interventions can deliver dramatic results that translate into an aesthetically balanced figure for a more beautiful, youthful, natural looking you. It is an effective quick fix to body imperfections that causes dissatisfaction and poor body image. However, it is important to stress that copying a celebrity’s physiognomy or body features should not be the raison d’être or the objective of plastic surgery as each person is packaged individually and differently. Plastic surgery is not a “one size fits all” type of intervention.

Despite its growing popularity, plastic surgery interventions are still touchy and controversial topics, even if most of us have tried to get a glimpse of this world of beauty and amazing proportions. Actually, this is the principle that should guide the plastic surgeon when performing any intervention. The purpose of a plastic surgery procedure is to improve self-esteem and the ultimate aspiration is a natural look, without visible marks and crummy exaggerations.

Regrettably, our society is more and more obsessed with the pursuit of eternal youth and beauty and it is not surprising why so many women who come to our practice are predisposed to the idea of perfection, or want something as close to the ideal they aspire for, to look young again, with the end view of achieving success in their personal, social or professional lives. Of course, there are also persons with understandable emotional complexes resulting from developmental imperfections or abnormalities in their bodies that turn to plastic surgery to address issues and improve their appearance. All the reasons we mentioned above are fundamental considerations when seriously considering a plastic surgery intervention.

Mass media and its influence on the beauty standards

There is no discounting the significant subliminal influence of mass media, especially among and teenagers and young people. It applies pressure and set unattainable standards of beauty for the vulnerable youth who would do anything to look like that celebrity or that supermodel. My personal opinion is that each person should enjoy her own body and learn to be comfortable with herself. Without doubt, people can improve the features of the body through plastic surgery, but not by simply copying the features of a celebrity. The plastic surgeon’s responsibility is to help the patient look his best whilst performing changes that are in perfect harmony with the rest of the individual characteristics of the patient.

The past years, beauty standards has pushed women to want bigger and bigger breasts. Even some women who are already naturally endowed with generous breasts go to plastic surgeons to increase the size of their bust. This is an example of the insidious and perfidious effects of media and how it fails to give due importance to the health risks and attendant discomforts of having overly large breasts such as back, neck and shoulder pain, abnormal body posture, nerve pains and many more. We have seen several celebrities undergoing breast augmentation procedures with huge implants only to have them removed and replaced a few months or years after the initial procedure.

A responsible and ethical plastic surgeon will honestly tell you what is the most suitable intervention and implant type for your particular case. If you want to achieve your desired results and make it last for a long time, it is highly important that you listen and heed the recommendations of your plastic surgeon. As experienced and highly trained professionals, they would know best.

Why would the plastic surgeon refuse to perform an aesthetic intervention on a patient?

Generally, we refuse to perform plastic surgery interventions on patients with psychological disorders until their psychological and emotional conditions have been stabilized. At the same time, an experienced and responsible plastic surgeon will refuse to perform plastic surgery on patients with unrealistic expectations or preconceived ideas about the procedure. Showing up with a picture of your ideal body during your initial appointment with the plastic surgeon and demanding to have the exact same body shape, buttocks or breasts as the person in the picture might get you a refusal from the plastic surgeon too. The pictures are important for the surgeon to understand the needs and desires of the patient better, but this does not mean that the results of the surgery will be identical to the picture. It must be stressed that the outcomes of the plastic surgery procedures are highly dependent on the specific physiology and anatomy of the patient.

The results after the plastic surgery intervention

There are complex cases wherein we cannot achieve impressive results from a single intervention. A person with excessively large breasts and enormous amounts of sagging skin may go to a surgeon to ask for a breast reduction but it might be necessary to undergo additional procedures to get the desired outcomes. It goes without saying that the patient will be duly advised from the initial consultation.

Achieving satisfactory results after plastic surgery is important as the reasons for undergoing surgery are mostly aesthetics and very rarely, functional. Please note that the plastic surgeon cannot guarantee your results even as he exerts best efforts to improve and enhance your appearance. The final outcomes will depend on how well and how fast your body heals itself. In a nutshell, how the cicatrization process will go is entirely dependent on your individual characteristics.

It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect the plastic surgeon to guarantee the results of an intervention he never thought was necessary in the first place. It is not uncommon to have patients coming in looking to correct some extremely minor imperfection. When we explain that the scar left after the corrective surgery might be more visible than the imperfection itself, they are not happy.


To ensure safety and best possible results after your plastic surgery intervention, it is imperative that you listen to your plastic surgeon’s suggestions and post-operative care instructions. Choosing a board certified, highly experienced and talented plastic surgeon means you can trust him to recommend the treatment best suited for you. Sometimes, the recommendations of the plastic surgeon might controvert your own ideas with regard to the changes you desire. Maybe you want a bigger implant but the plastic surgeon will tell you that a certain implant size is much more than your body anatomy can accommodate. It is important to listen to your surgeon’s professional advice and lay to rest, all those unattainable beauty and body benchmarks that mass media has been feeding us for many years now.

When considering plastic surgery, do keep in mind that harmony of proportions outweighs in importance, the desire for a bigger breast cup.

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