The importance of rest after mastopexy

The importance of rest after mastopexy

18th Aug 2019


Mastopexy is the medical term used for the procedure performed with the purpose of elevating saggy breasts. It entails the elimination of skin that is in excess on the breasts, lifting, and centering the glandular tissue to give the breasts a perky and youthful appearance. It is commonly performed in the United States and all over the world nowadays, and it is one of the most popular procedures done on the breasts to enhance their appearance. The results of the procedure can’t be achieved using any other method, and it is safe when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility or hospital.

The procedure often takes less than two hours, but it can take longer if the patient will want to increase or decrease the size of the breasts while lifting them. After a few hours spent in the recovery room, the patient can leave the medical facility and return home where she will spend the next two weeks. The recovery period requires a stoppage of work for at least ten working days or until the plastic surgeon gives you the green light to return to work. This aspect will be discussed during the pre-operative consultation, as well as the other details of the procedure. 

When considering undergoing a breast lift, it is important to understand that rest is essential during the recovery period. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon will advise you to postpone if you can’t take two weeks off from work or you have other responsibilities that prevent you from resting and avoiding physically demanding activities. 

After returning home from the medical facility, the patient is advised to spend the next couple of days in bed, but make sure to take short walks around the room and the house every couple of hours to speed up healing and avoid the risks of the formation of blood clots. The body needs time to heal and restore after the surgical trauma, and for these to be possible, it needs rest, good nutrition, the right level of hydration, and a moderate level of activity. It is true that getting off the bed and getting active as soon as possible after the breast lift will increase your chances of having a fast recovery and avoid certain complications; however, this doesn’t mean that you should make any unnecessary physical efforts. 

We advise patients to prepare the home for the recovery period and make sure they have plenty of entertainment available, at least for the first couple of days after the procedure when rest is of utmost importance. Make sure when resting to never lie on the front of the body as the pressure on the breasts can trigger incision opening and lead to delayed wound healing and other complications that could otherwise be avoided.

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