The importance of size and proportion for breast augmentation

The importance of size and proportion for breast augmentation

31st May 2017

A breast augmentation should be simple for an experienced plastic surgeon. When a plastic surgeon is talented and experienced, he knows exactly what to pay attention to when consulting a patient that desires bigger breasts.

A successful breast augmentation procedure entails a deep understanding of the dimensions and adequate proportions of the breasts. Aspects such as the general proportions of the body and balancing the upper body with the hips are essential. Also being aware of the size and the shape you desire is essential to help him recommend an adequate implant profile that will provide your desired results after the surgery.

What are the crucial factors to take into consideration to make the right final decision? We believe that the most important elements to consider are the dimensions of your new breasts and the proportions of the rest of the body. Here’s why:

General proportions of the body

A breast augmentation procedure with a successful result is performed after an extensive consultation and taking into consideration the weight and height of the patient, as well as the width of the shoulders, chest and hips. For each patient, we can recommend the type of implant that is suitable for her particular case, as well as the shape and the profile.

Women undergo breast augmentation are:

– Women with asymmetric breasts. Breast augmentation can be done proportionally by increasing the dimension of a breast to be aligned with the other. Alternatively, both breasts can be supplemented with different-sized implants with the purpose of creating a more symmetric aspect. In these cases, a fat transfer to the breasts with breast implant surgery can lead to spectacular results.

– Women who underwent a mastectomy or are suffering from an abnormal modification of the breasts.

– Women who wish to have an improved image with firm, larger, youthful looking breasts.

Most of our patients simply desire to balance the upper part of the body with the lower part. Others are looking for a rounder and fuller breast shape. Each patient comes to the clinic with her idea about the proportion she desires; hence it is important to spend enough time during the consultation to help the patient understand the correct dimension of the mammary implant.

We encourage our patients to consider each aspect of the breast implant surgery and the way it will affect daily life after the procedure. Think about whether you will want or need a new wardrobe after the implants.

The dimension of the breast implant

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed procedures for women of all ages. One of the most important aspects of this intervention, if not the most important, is the size of the implant. It is vital to the success of the surgery for the patient to feel comfortable with the dimension, shape and texture of the implant.

Probably the most important decision for a woman who wants to undergo a breast augmentation surgery is to decide the size of the breast implants. Some patients come to the clinic desiring huge implants, but when they put on the testing bra they realize that their breasts are not proportionate to the rest of the body. It is preferable to know this during the initial consultation than to be left unhappy after the surgery.

How can you tell which size is suitable for you?

A factor worth considering is the way you want your clothes to fit you. If you feel that your breasts are too small and want the clothes to fit better on the chest area or to feel tighter, then you can choose a bigger implant size. If you feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that are too tight on your chest, you should go for a smaller implant size. It is important to consider the fact that your breasts will be mildly swollen after the procedure, so the size of the breasts that you will notice immediately after the surgery won’t be a permanent one.

The plastic surgeon will also discuss if the dimension of the implant is feasible from a physical point of view. This means that he needs to check if you have enough skin and mammary tissue to support the implant size you desire. If the implant is too big, the skin won’t be able to sustain it and this can lead to stretch marks and the bottoming out of the implant.

An experienced plastic surgeon will consider your body type and shape and the natural proportions to help you decide the ideal size of the breast implant. The profile and projection of the implants will be shown and discussed as well to help you set up realistic expectations about the way your breasts will look like after surgery.


An augmentation procedure changes the shape, size and the general aspect of the breasts. While you may think that the only change will be visible on the breasts, your whole body will look different because every feature plays an important role in creating a harmonious body.

The height, weight, and the circumference of the shoulders, hips and waist are important to determine the right size of the breast implant to be used. There are cases when the patient desires a bigger implant that is not suitable for her body frame. When this happens, it is essential for the plastic surgeon to help her realize that there will be a lack of harmony in the proportions of the body.

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