The initial meeting with the surgeon for a breast reduction

The initial meeting with the surgeon for a breast reduction

18th Mar 2020


 A reduction in the volume of the breasts is sought after by women who are suffering daily discomforts and have to deal with constant neck, back and shoulder pain due to the overly large size of their breasts. 

The first thing you need to do if you are looking for help from plastic surgery is to find a plastic surgeon who will perform your procedure. A board-certified, talented plastic surgeon will help you achieve great results and can also give you recommendations to minimize the risks and complications that can occur after breast reduction surgery. 

The initial meeting with the surgeon is a time when you should discuss all your concerns and worries related to the procedure while the plastic surgeon will assess your eligibility. The reality is that not all patients who want to undergo a specific plastic surgery procedure are eligible candidates. To evaluate your candidacy, the plastic surgeon will perform a medical examination on your body and also exact measurements such as weight, height, and dimensions of the breasts, among others. 

After the physical examination, you will be asked to talk about your reasons and motivations to resort to breast reduction surgery and also what results you are hoping to achieve. It is very important for the patient to have a strong motivation to undergo the procedure and also reasonable expectations from it. Otherwise, the plastic surgeon might deem you as ineligible. To be able to undergo such a complex and delicate plastic surgery procedure, the patient should also be in good health and emotional condition and understand that there are risks and complications associated with it. 

After it is decided that the patient is a good candidate, the plastic surgeon will go on and explain the surgical plan that is recommended to be followed in your particular case. Each breast reduction surgery is customized according to the anatomy of the patient and the amount of glandular tissue to be removed. This means that even patients with similar anatomical characteristics can achieve different results, depending on their aesthetic goals. Some patients want to get a C cup after the procedure while others might want something similar to a B or a D, depending on their lifestyle and other factors. For example, professional athletes who undergo the procedure often ask for a B cup rather than C or D.

The plastic surgeon will explain how much of the glandular tissue will be removed, where the incisions will be placed, how long before you can go home, and how the recovery period will be. He will also talk about the long-term consequences of the procedure and when to expect to see the final results.


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