The limitations of breast implant surgery

The limitations of breast implant surgery

12th Apr 2019




Breast augmentation using mammary implants is among the two most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. The procedure has been performed with good success rates for more than half a century now, and we are actually using the fifth generation of implants that are safe and FDA-approved. Breast implant surgery can help you get the breasts of your dreams by adding more volume to the existing breasts and even improving their shape. However, breast implant surgery has certain limitations.


In this article, we will discuss the limitations of breast implant surgery or what the procedure can’t do for you, such as:


Can’t make your breasts get closer together


The pre-operative consultation is that time when the patient needs to find out all the details about the procedure recommended to correct her imperfections, and the plastic surgeon needs to find out if the expectations of the patient are realistic and the reasons for undergoing the procedure are correct. This means that the plastic surgeon will ask about your motivations to undergo breast implant surgery. If you want to get implants to make your breasts look closer together, the plastic surgeon might recommend you get a push-up bra instead of undergoing the procedure.


Breast implant surgery is performed with the aim of helping the patient get bigger, rounder breasts that are also perky and youthful looking. But it is not the aim of the procedure to bring your breasts closer together. The position of the breasts on the chest wall is corrected with another procedure called the breast lift, and even this procedure only deals with breast sagginess and can’t bring the breasts closer together.


The position of the breasts to each other is dependent on the dimensions of the thorax. If you have a wide thorax and small breasts, they will be further apart. When getting implants and increasing the volume of the breasts considerably, the breasts might come closer together, but not at their base. Being fuller, they might look like they are closer, but when the procedure is performed, their position on the chest wall is not changed. This means that if your thorax is quite wide, they might still not be as close together as you would want them even after plastic surgery.


It is the bra’s role to bring the breasts together and create a nice cleavage. Getting implants doesn’t mean you can forget about bras; it is actually quite the other way around. After breast implant surgery, the recommendation is for the patient to wear a bra that is supportive for the volume of the breasts and fits well to sustain the results of the procedure for as long as possible. So if you want breasts that are closer together with an impressive cleavage, you can get this with just the cost of a good quality push up or plunge bra.


Can’t help you look like someone else


Some people want to undergo plastic surgery to look like other people. Generally speaking, this is not wise nor is it possible, especially when it comes to the appearance of the breasts. You can show up at the pre-operative consultation with pictures of breasts to illustrate how you want your breasts to look after the procedure, and this is actually what most plastic surgeons would advise you to do. Moreover, even the plastic surgeon will make sure to show you before and after pictures of patients with similar body characteristics as yours to give you an idea about the results that can be expected after the procedure. However, this doesn’t mean that you can undergo breast augmentation surgery to look like someone else.


Even if you will have the exact same type of implants as the person you want to look like, this doesn’t mean that you will look similar after the procedure. Aside from the size and type of implants, there are other factors that decide the appearance of the upper part of the body such as the initial appearance and position of the breasts, the fat layer on the abdominal wall and under the arms, the circumference of the thorax, and so on.


Plastic surgery in general shouldn’t be used to make you look like someone else. The aim is to enhance your natural beauty as much as possible.


Can’t give you breasts that will look the same forever


There are people who want to be beautiful forever, and they use plastic surgery to correct imperfections and erase the signs of aging. This can indeed help you erase years from your face and body. However, it will not make time stop for you. After undergoing breast augmentation with implants, your breasts will look fuller, perkier and more voluminous and will keep their appearance for longer when compared to breasts without implants. However, it is also true that if you choose implants that are too big for your anatomy, they might start sagging earlier than breasts that have a moderate size.  


The general recommendation of experienced plastic surgeons is to schedule breast augmentation after the patient is done having children and has a stable weight that has been maintained for at least six to eight months. This means that the appearance of your breasts after implant surgery might change again in case you get pregnant or go through weight fluctuations. Aside from these factors that we can actually control, there are others that will affect the results of the procedure, and we can’t really do anything about it. These factors are gravity and the natural passing of time. In time, your breasts will start becoming saggy even after surgery, and additional procedures might be needed to correct the sagginess and make them perky again.


To sustain the results for longer, make sure to take the plastic surgeon’s advice for the size and shape of the implants and for post-operative care.


Can’t make your breasts identical


Breast asymmetries are much more common than people think. Generally speaking, there are asymmetries in different parts of the body: one leg can be smaller than the other, and the same goes for the arms, hands, and breasts as well. Sometimes the asymmetries are difficult to observe, and it will be the plastic surgeon that will point this out during the pre-operative consultation for the breast augmentation. Other times they are visible and bothering the patient who might desire to get breast implants just to correct the asymmetry.


Correcting breast asymmetries is one of the aims of breast augmentation with implants. However, this doesn’t mean that your breasts will be identical after the procedure. I usually tell my patients that perfect symmetry is not possible and that breasts are to be considered as sisters and not twins. It is important to understand and accept this before scheduling your plastic surgery to get bigger breasts.


Can’t make your boyfriend come back to you


There are patients who come to the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation saying that all they want is bigger breasts to get back their lovers. This is not a good motivation to get plastic surgery, and your new breasts are not guaranteed to bring back your boyfriend or husband. Generally speaking, it is recommended to undergo a procedure so complex and with such long-term consequences only if you know you need it, and you are doing it to improve how you see and feel about yourself.


Sorting out your relationship issues and bringing back the boyfriend is not in the scope of plastic surgery, even if bigger breasts are indeed considered more attractive by most men and women. The recommendation is to make sure you took the decision to undergo the procedure for your own good and accept the idea that your boyfriend should love you just the way you are.




Breast augmentation is indeed a magical procedure when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon that can give you the amazing breasts you have always wanted. Having breasts that are too small compared to the rest of your anatomy is often a source of unhappiness and can create real emotional complexes. This is the reason why more and more patients are undergoing the procedure each year.


While the procedure often boosts incredible success rates, patients interested in getting implants should also know that there are limitations for breast implant surgery. Make sure to consider the limitations and discuss them with the plastic surgeon during the initial meeting to make sure you get the expected results and you are undergoing the procedure for the right reasons.


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