The list of must-haves after the brazilian butt lift

The list of must-haves after the brazilian butt lift

08th Oct 2019


The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure very much in demand nowadays as it helps many women fulfill their dreams of having larger, more alluring buttocks. The procedure entails the use of fat harvested from areas where there is a surplus and its transfer to the rear end. The procedure can only be performed on patients with an excess of fat, as getting fat from a donor is not possible. To be eligible, the patient should be in good health and emotional condition and understand and accept the risks and potential complications and also the demands for the post-operative care. 

Plastic surgery entails a certain level of pre-operative preparation and also post-operative care. Here we have prepared a list of must-haves after the Brazilian butt lift:


–    Compression garments

Even before going home from the medical facility, the medical staff will get you to wear special compression garments. Their role is to help decrease swelling that occurs after any type of surgery and also to give support to the areas treated during the procedure. In the case of the Brazilian butt lift, patients will wear the compression garments not only on the buttocks but also the areas treated with liposuction such as the midline. Make sure to get the compression garments even before undergoing the procedure and have more than one change of clothes. Compression garments are often required to be worn non-stop for two to three weeks and for another month after, only during the day. The plastic surgeon will give you exact instructions regarding this aspect.


–    Ice packs

Applying ice packs on the buttocks can help alleviate the pain and discomfort that can occur within the first few days post-op and also help decrease swelling. Make sure to use the ice packs over a cotton cloth and never directly on the skin.


–    Special post-op pillow

For about three weeks post-op, patients are not allowed to sit on the buttocks or lie on their back at all. After this period, a special post-op pillow can be used under the hamstrings so the patient can sit down. The main idea is to avoid any type of pressure on the buttocks as it might kill the fat cells that were just grafted in the area. Ask the plastic surgeon’s advice for the best post-operative BBL pillow.


–    Comfortable clothing

If you were planning to wear tight jeans in the days or weeks following BBL, you should consider other clothing options. For about two to three weeks after the procedure, you should choose clothing that is easy to put on and take off and also comfortable to wear. Cotton is always a good choice for post-operative clothing. 


–    More pillows

If you are used to sleeping on your back, adjusting to the sleeping and resting positions recommended after a Brazilian butt lift might take a while. This is the reason why you should have more pillows on the bed and use them to support your body in the correct position.


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