The most requested plastic surgery procedures on the body

The most requested plastic surgery procedures on the body

12th Jul 2019

The most requested plastic surgery procedures on the body



More and more women are concerned with their physical appearance nowadays, as we live in a society with high beauty standards. Celebrities have started the trends, and now everyone else is trying to look their best and hide little imperfections as much as possible. Women from around the world are nowadays interested in resorting to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their bodies or just some features. With each year, there is an increased number of women resorting to plastic surgery. However, the procedures that are in demand are pretty much the same year after year.

In this article we will discuss the most requested plastic surgery procedures on the body and what results could be achieved with them.


Most requested plastic surgery procedures

Different patients have different recommendations for plastic surgery. If a procedure helped a patient achieved his goal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the exact same procedure will help another patient achieve similar results. It is during the pre-operative consultation that the plastic surgeon will perform the medical examination and measurements on the patient and also ask about the expectations and desires before recommending the optimal surgical plan to be performed during surgery. Despite the fact the plastic surgery is tailor-made for each patient, there are procedures that are always very much in demand.


  1.   Breast augmentation procedure

The fact that breast augmentation is one of the most desired plastic surgery procedures performed on the body should come as no surprise, especially if we take into consideration the fascination with large breasts and the fact that this procedure is the only method available nowadays that can actually determine an increase in the size of the breasts that is sustainable in time and has limited to no negative consequences. 

Before resorting to plastic surgery, there are patients who try to achieve an increase in the size of the breasts by using different natural methods recommended online. Just by performing a simple search online for natural remedies for breast augmentation, one might be led to believe that plastic surgery on the breasts is completely unnecessary. However, if this were to be the reality, then breast augmentation would lose its place in the top of the most requested plastic surgery procedures. 

The procedure is recommended for patients who have breasts that are underdeveloped or have lost breast tissue as a result of aging or multiple pregnancies. Often, women who have small breasts develop complexes that can have an impact on their day to day life. Breasts that are too small compared to the rest of the woman’s anatomy can lack the appeal and sexiness that we all want. This is the reason why patients resort to breast augmentation to get the breasts of their dreams.

Breast augmentation can be performed nowadays either with the help of implants or fat transfer. The procedures deliver different results and the surgical plan followed for each of them is also very different. Breast augmentation with implants is without question the most popular one as it provides results that are easily sustainable and permanent and the desired augmentation can be achieved in just one operation. When fat transfer to the breasts is performed, the augmentation achieved is more moderate and discreet. We are actually talking about an improvement in the shape of the breasts than an actual increase in the volume of the breasts. When using implants, we can increase the breasts by one, two or even more bra cup sizes. The plastic surgeon will give you a recommendation of the type of implant most suitable for your particular case during the pre-operative consultation. 

After breast implant surgery, the patient will get breasts that are larger in volume and with a more beautiful shape. We can easily adjust the shape of the breasts when using implants as they come in different shapes and profiles that make it easier to achieve all types of results. If the patient is interested in getting round, full breasts with that upper pole fullness, it can only be achieved with round silicone implants with a certain profile. 

The results should be assessed no sooner than nine months after the procedure as it can take this long for the scars to heal and mature. 


  1.   Liposuction

While it certainly is not a weight loss method as many tend to believe, liposuction is nevertheless a very much sought-after plastic surgery procedure. Liposuction is recommended only on patients with a normal weight, so the patient won’t notice a considerable weight loss after the procedure. However, the results desired by patients undergoing liposuction are more in terms of the shape of the body and not the weight. In other words, patients can lose a size or two in clothing after undergoing liposuction e, even if things won’t be very different on the scale.

The reality is that liposuction is the only efficient method we have nowadays for eliminating localized deposits of fat. You might have noticed that there are people who are very thin but still present an excess of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body such as the flanks. Even active people can be confronted with unwanted fat deposits in different areas of the body.

The plastic surgeon uses cannulas as thin as 3 mm wide to address areas of the body with an excess of fat tissue. The cannula is moved back and forth the dislodge and liquefy fat so it can be suctioned out of the body by a powerful medical vacuum device. Technically we can use liposuction to target stubborn fat in any area of the body that allows the insertion of the cannula. 

The results of liposuction are visible a few weeks after the procedure and can be enhanced when wearing the compression garments or girdle for as long as the plastic surgeon recommends. A beautiful shape of the body as well as getting rid of the unaesthetic adipose pockets are the results we want to achieve with liposuction.

Unlike breast augmentation with implants, to sustain the results achieved with liposuction the patient needs to be committed to avoiding weight fluctuations. When weight gain occurs after liposuction, it doesn’t mean that the adipose deposits will return to the body, but the beautiful shape can be altered by the accumulation of fat in other areas of the body that were not treated with liposuction. If weight loss occurs after liposuction, chances are the patient will be confronted with skin sagginess and this again can alter the results achieved with the procedure.


  1.   Brazilian butt lift

The procedure performed with the purpose of making the buttocks larger and rounder that uses the patient’s own fat cells is known as the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure has seen a considerable increase in demand over the last few years as it is safe, doesn’t use an external prosthesis to achieve the augmentation, and it sculpts the body as liposuction is needed to collect the fat necessary for the transfer. The procedure is recommended for patients who want to enhance the shape of their butt while also getting rid of the surplus of fat often from the abdominal area and the flanks. The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective method, however, just like liposuction and any other fat transfer procedure, it requires the patient’s dedication to sustaining the results. The beautiful appearance achieved with the Brazilian butt lift can be easily altered if the patient undergoes massive weight fluctuations. 

The buttocks will be bigger immediately after the Brazilian butt lift than two to three months down the line as the body will reabsorb a part of the fat cells that were transferred before they get a chance to develop a blood network that will ensure their survival.



Undergoing plastic surgery is no longer a taboo nowadays as more and more men and women alike are choosing to have their appearance corrected or improved with the help of a talented plastic surgeon. When it comes to the most requested plastic surgery procedures on the body, the most popular ones are breast augmentation with implants, liposuction, and the Brazilian butt lift. Breast implant surgery has been performed for many decades now, and it is the only effective method that can be used to increase the size of the breasts. Liposuction is the only procedure we have available to remove stubborn fat deposits from localized areas of the body, and it can considerably improve the silhouette of the patient. The Brazilian butt lift is a new and modern procedure that delivers great results in terms of the appearance of the buttocks and overall body shape. 


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