The positive impact of plastic surgery

The positive impact of plastic surgery

21st Jan 2020

The positive impact of plastic surgery


Nowadays there are many reasons why people resort to plastic surgery. While plastic surgery is all about achieving enhancement of the aesthetic appearance of the patient or correcting a physical imperfection, what patients are actually after is an improvement in the quality of life.

Just think of young girls with overly large breasts that find it a struggle to find suitable clothing, who might be bothered by looking much more mature than their age, and also the constant neck, back, and shoulder pain. Plastic surgery to correct overly large breasts is seen with a functional aim and not just an aesthetic one. Many plastic surgeries are performed with the aim of helping the patient feel better in her own skin. 

Having a feature of the body that is underdeveloped or overdeveloped or marked by a visible defect can be terrible for the patient, and the physical imperfection can have a significant impact on the day to day life, and even the professional and social life.

Multiple studies have shown that people with a more beautiful appearance tend to be more successful. And more than the physical aspect, it is the image we have about ourselves. When we are pleased with our body image, we tend to be more productive, more engaging, and even more adventurous. 

Just think of a woman with very small or saggy breasts who always tends to avoid going to the beach and even taking her clothes off in intimate situations because she feels the lack of breast tissue is making her look less feminine.

There is no doubt that when performed by a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon on a patient with a strong medical indication, plastic surgery can lead to a positive impact on the patient’s life. It is true that things will not change the next day after undergoing surgery as most procedures require a recovery period of no less than two weeks; however, in time, many patients mention how their lives have improved after undergoing plastic surgery.

In a vast majority of cases, the changes were triggered by the patient’s attitude and nothing else. But often, our self-imposed limitations and what we believe to be true about ourselves is more important than the feedback we receive from the ones around us.

The positive impact of plastic surgery on people’s lives is often seen in the social field. After improving their bodies with plastic surgery, people tend to be more willing to take part in social activities. Even more success in the professional field might a benefit of undergoing plastic surgery. Many patients talk about a boost of self-esteem, and they feel more confident and prepared to chase their dreams. After undergoing plastic surgery, patients tend to ask for promotions or even change their jobs altogether while others will pursue new relationships. 

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