The process of wound healing after breast surgery

The process of wound healing after breast surgery

21st Jan 2020

The process of wound healing after breast surgery


When interested in undergoing a procedure so complex and delicate as breast augmentation surgery, it is important to understand that healing doesn’t happen overnight. Some patients who had the procedure end up complaining on forums that the recovery process is taking much longer than they anticipated and that they believed the healing would be done in a few days or a week. This is just not possible. There is a process of wound healing, and in most cases, the cicatrization process can last months and up to a year for patients having procedures such as breast implant surgery or the breast lift.

Generally speaking, the more complex the procedure was and the more significant the incisions required, the longer it will take for the wound healing process. When it comes to breast implant surgery, the incisions are positioned either around the areola, in the inframammary fold, or in the axilla. Each type of incision has its own particularities and risks and complications associated with it. The most popular is the incision placed in the inframammary fold, especially because it is the only incision that can be used in case revision surgery is needed or another procedure is made on the breasts. Even the incisions in the axilla can be difficult to heal, especially if the procedure was performed during the hot months and the patient is confronted with constant perspiration. 

To ensure good healing of the wounds, the plastic surgeon will advise you to keep the incision area clean and dry at all times. While showering is possible and recommended after the surgery, the incision site needs to be protected. The plastic surgeon and the medical staff will teach you how to look after the incision to ensure you avoid infections and the cicatrization process goes smoothly.

Keep in mind that the color, shape, and appearance of the incisions will change multiple times after the surgery and until the scars are completely matured and healed. This can take up to one year, and during this time, the incisions will go through different stages. Sometimes they will be swollen, pink or purple in color, and evolve to look like fine, white lines very similar to the surrounding tissues twelve months after the procedure. There is no reason to be worried about the appearance of the incisions during the wound healing process as long as they evolve according to the specifications the plastic surgeon gave you. If you notice pain and different symptoms associated with wound healing, contact your plastic surgeon immediately. 

There are patients who have a tendency for abnormal scarring. To avoid unwanted complications and bad looking scars, make sure to see the plastic surgeon for the follow-up consultation to allow him to evaluate the process of wound healing after breast surgery.


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